Hope it wasn’t apathy

Published 2:50 pm Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My husband and I attended Bainbridge’s Patriotic Celebration at the Coliseum Sunday night, and it was a beautiful and touching tribute to the freedoms provided to us by our Constitution and protected by our armed forces.

Music was provided by our local orchestra and choirs from a few local churches. We sang such good songs like “God Bless America,” “The Star-spangled Banner” and several other oldies but goodies. These fine ole tunes brought tears to my eyes once again, and it got me to thinking about the impending funeral.

As we walked out of the Coliseum, at the close of the program, a friend and I commented on how few of our residents attended this respectful tribute to our armed forces.

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She said, “Do you think it was the weather why people didn’t show up?”

And added, “I hope it wasn’t apathy.”

We looked at each other and knew the answer. It is almost as if the death keel is about the sound!

Because of our apathy, “We the people” are about to lose some of our freedoms that our men and women have fought so long and hard for.

Slowly big government is dwindling our “freedom reserves” with their out-of-control spending and making us beholden to countries that don’t keep our best interests in mind.

Do you really think that China cares about our freedoms?

What is Washington thinking when they take upon themselves our constitutional rights?

Stop the madness, Washington, don’t give away what our fathers, brothers mothers and sisters died for.

And, Bainbridge, you have a chance to join in with other voices on July 10 at the Kirbo Center between 4 and 6 o’clock to show your appreciation for our freedoms, and help keep them alive and well, and be proud that we are all still members of “We the people of the United States, …”

Barbara P. SnellBainbridge, Ga.