Please check your facts

Published 3:00 pm Friday, June 25, 2010

A recent letter to the editor accused President Obama of loaning Brazil $2 billion for oil exploration.

It’s completely untrue!

The loan (the decision is still pending by the way) was made by the Export-Import Bank and was made with the stipulation that it be used to buy oil exploration equipment from U.S. firms. The Export-Import Bank is self-supporting, independent, with no tax dollars used. Members are appointed by the president.

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However, no Obama members had been appointed at the time of the proposed loan. The three Republicans and two Democrats were appointed by the Bush administration!

When you hear something like this, please go to and vet it. You’ll also find the true story about Obama “contributor” George Soros.

Maybe it will help the “smell.”

Tom BushBainbridge, Ga.