Getting the most for your money

Published 2:59 pm Friday, June 25, 2010

Several weeks ago, I went to a meeting in Donalsonville and realized I didn’t have enough gas in my vehicle to make it back to Bainbridge.

The price of gas at that time was $2.34 per gallon, almost 30 cents cheaper than in Bainbridge. So, I filled up and saved $6 on a tank of gas. I know we have had this discussion many times before, and I am also aware that the Donalsonville stations sometimes choose to lower their prices to increase local and out-of-town business, but 30 cents per gallon is a terrific savings over our prices.

Why aren’t our stations doing the same?

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I believe part of the answer is that they can’t. Perhaps they can explain that to their customers.

But aside from those ongoing conversations about how gasoline is always cheaper outside of Bainbridge, this got me to thinking about how our teachers and other local employees are being required to take furlough days without pay, and our city and county governments and school board are having to cut budgets to the bone.

An important part of these budgets is the purchase of fuel for school buses, police cars, fire engines, and road and maintenance equipment.

Are we taxpayers getting the best fuel prices or is it similar to the consumer price situation, where surrounding areas seem to always have the better prices?

That got me further thinking about the upcoming elections.

Are our elected officials buying their personal vehicles or home appliances here in Bainbridge or are they going out of town to make those purchases?

The price for a car or a washing machine might be cheaper out of town, but, especially in this economy, shouldn’t they be supporting us if they want us to support them?

On July 10, you have an opportunity to ask these and other questions of local, state and federal candidates.

Within this newspaper, you will find Bainbridge tea party group’s “Take Back America Freedom Rally” announcement. We invited all candidates to attend, and our announcement lists those candidates who accepted our invitation.

They will meet and greet the audience following the program. Please come. Offer them your ideas and listen to theirs. It will help make your vote at the primaries an informed one!

Sheila LaneBainbridge tea party groupBainbridge Ga.