Boyd to run against Maddox

Published 6:24 am Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marjean Boyd said she is running for the state House of Representatives District 172, comprising all of Decatur County and part of Grady County.

Boyd, who has sought a seat in state government twice before, said she did not intend to pursue public office again, but over the past few weeks she has been encouraged to run by several members of the Georgia Democratic Party and citizens from both Decatur and Grady counties.

“After giving the prospect a great deal of thought, my decision to run was made Thursday, April 29, around 6 p.m. after fielding phone calls throughout the afternoon. Jack and I left Bainbridge at five o’clock the following Friday morning to meet the 12 o’clock qualifying deadline at the state capitol.”

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Boyd said so many of her goals in life have been shaped by growing up in a rural community that thrived off agriculture.

Being the youngest of four children, Boyd recalls that at an early age her mother took the children to the fields where they hoed peanuts and picked cotton up and down seemingly never-ending rows.

During summers they put up vegetables that fed the family during the other seasons of the year.

Every Thanksgiving was spent picking up pecans.

“We kids came to realize these chores helped buy our school clothes and our Christmas,” said Boyd.

Growing up, Boyd watched her parents make sacrifices so her siblings and she could have a better lives.

“There was no fine china or silver on our dining table. I learned the value of hard work and firsthand what it is like to struggle, as well as survive. I am proud of my South Georgia values,” she says.

Boyd promises if she is elected she will listen.

Her top priority will be jobs, jobs and more jobs to boost the local economy. Her priority incorporates education and water.

“Education is economic development,” she explained. “I will work for our teachers and promote partnerships with parents in K-12. In addition, I will promote partnerships to strengthen our two-year community colleges, technical colleges and senior colleges and universities. Education means more people working and sharing the tax burden. Without an educated workforce and water, this district cannot thrive.”