Put bite into law

Published 8:19 pm Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Since some human beings try to pass themselves off as such, it’s time to put a little more bite into the local ordinances dealing with animal cruelty.

It’s also time for judges and prosecutors to work with local law enforcement officials so that the animal cruelty cases such as those publicized last week are pursued with dogged determination.

Yes, individuals who are so negligent and so mean deserve to be called criminals. Local laws should be amended to ensure law enforcement officers have the tools to throw these “criminals” into jail or pay a hefty fine.

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Those so-called human beings that will allow a puppy to grow with a collar or cord around its neck to the point of slicing open skin such as the case of Onni should be found—even if it means an award is offered for the arrest and conviction of such a low-life.

Also, those so-called human beings who tether an animal and let it spend its life tied by a heavy 5-foot chain with no adequate shelter or water don’t consider that animal a family pet. The animal is abused so it would be aggressive—period.

The City of Bainbridge needs to amend its ordinance so that these despicable acts are criminalized, and judges and prosecutors need to follow through with proper prosecution.