Would you hire this person?

Published 7:46 pm Friday, June 4, 2010

Those of us in business usually get one or two of these similar phone inquiries during the week.

The caller asks: “Are you hiring?”

All these job-seekers must read the same employment manual that tells them to call businesses and pop the question, and see if you get a hit.

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Well, you won’t get a hit from me. I don’t subscribe to that manual.

If you are going to call for employment, at least have the courtesy to say who you are, that you are a student or whatever looking for summer work, or an adult job-seeker seeking full-time employment. Some information would be helpful other than “Are you hiring?”

The question “Are you hiring” doesn’t cut it.

Since the question is simple, I return a simple answer—“NO.”

If you are seeking a job, you should introduce yourself, have a short resume handy, something to leave behind when you enter a business in person, to ask the same question. And you could also ask, “may I fill out an employment application?”

But here’s what they do?

They enter a business, and ask the same question—“Are you hiring.”

That’s it.

Well, at least now they present themselves in person.

But here’s what you get.

Usually, it’s a person looking for a part-time job. They really have little training on the proper procedures on seeking employment. They need some help here on how to job search.

Their personal appearance goes something like this: It looks as if they critically examined their wardrobe and selected their sloppiest garments, laundered through hundreds of cycles, of fabric that has never felt the heat of an iron. Forget about matching colors or styles.

It would be proper to comb your hair, wash your face, take a shower and iron your clothes. Inspect yourself in the mirror to be sure you appear other than just coming in from the corn field after a gully washing storm.

You think I jest?

Then you don’t own a retail business.

Most of you reading this I am sure you are from the old school.

You wouldn’t dare any of the above while seeking employment.

You wouldn’t would you?

If you are seeking employment, make your appearance as professional as possible. Make yourself presentable, able to greet your prospective employer with a degree of professionalism, that shows you have respect toward yourself and toward the owner of the establishment.

Introduce yourself. Leave behind a short resume, or ask to fill out an employment application.

Maybe its the fashionable times in which we live. Malls are full of upscale clothes stores, selling garments that make people look good, feel good. Yet take an inventory of the shoppers, and how they dress.

Would you want any of them working in your customer service?

Most often than not, my guess is the decently dressed person gets an answer to the question, “Are you hiring?”

And who knows, you could get a “yes” and find yourself gainfully employed.