Citizen: Get rid of gang graffiti

Published 7:48 pm Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Local attorney Paul Fryer asked the Bainbridge City Council what can be done about gang graffiti painted on private property, in particular one in the neighborhood where he lives.

At the council’s Tuesday evening meeting, Fryer—who is a former City Councilman himself—presented pictures of gang graffiti that he said has been put up progressively since mid-April on a business at the corner of College and West streets.

Fryer said the graffiti is on the exterior walls of two buildings at 902 S. West St. and is clearly visible at what he referred to as “one of the city’s busiest intersections.” Fryer said he contacted Bainbridge Public Safety about the graffiti but was told nothing could be done since it was on private property.

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The attorney asked the council to consider adopting an ordinance that could require private property owners to remove graffiti within a set time frame or face a citation and possible penalties. Fryer also asked the council to consider installing surveillance cameras at various public locations to help document graffiti and vandalism.

Fryer said he conducted Internet research into the meaning of various graffiti symbols he found at the West Street business. He said he believed the graffiti represented activity among members of multiple gangs, possibly four different groups, who were covering up and responding to each other’s graffiti.

Apparent gang graffiti was also found this week at the Decatur County School Support building on Martin Street as part of a significant act of vandalism, school officials said.