BC awards 347 degrees, certificates May 11

Published 2:37 pm Friday, May 28, 2010

Exceeding its previous record of more than 320 graduates, Bainbridge College marked another milestone when President Tom Wilkerson conferred 347 degrees and certificates at the close of its 2010 graduation, the last under Wilkerson’s tenure and the last to be at Decatur County Memorial Coliseum.

Graduation 2011 is to be in the new Student Wellness Center that will be completed in the fall.

Having come on board in 2005 and been inaugurated at the first graduation on his watch, President Wilkerson came full circle by giving the commencement address May 11.

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Challenging the graduates to embrace change and become lifelong learners, he offered insights to help them find their place in the world. He added that of his almost 48 “terrific” years in higher education, he cherishes “the Bainbridge years as the best.”

“Adapt to change and make it work for you,” he told the BC Class of 2010, noting it will determine the person they become. “Set high personal goals for yourself and hold yourself accountable for reaching those goals.”

He emphasized that they must learn from failure.

“There is no shame in failure,” he said, adding “there is great shame in the failure to try and to try again.”

“Finally, be responsible for each other. As we care for others, others will care for us.”

Student Government Association (SGA) President Chase Alexander of Climax thanked fellow SGA members for their productive work and reminded fellow graduates that many of them also are first-generation colleges graduate in their families as he is.

“We are leaders and achievers of the future,” he said. Before leaving the podium, he inducted Jana Simmons of Bainbridge as SGA president.

Associate Professor Shirley Beck, who is retiring this year from the Technical Studies Division’s Administrative Office Technology program, served as parade marshal. President Wilkerson recognized her for her years of service. He also recognized Associate Professor of Electronics Technology Don Huskey, who is retiring, and Vice President of Student Affairs Marty Clay, who had accepted an administrative position at Eastern New Mexico University.

The Rev. June Johnson, interim rector at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Bainbridge, gave the invocation and the benediction.

Assisting with the presentation of graduates were Director of Admissions and Records Connie Snyder, who became Interim Dean of Student Affairs May 18, and Tonya Strickland, who chairs the Arts and Sciences and the Learning Support Divisions.

Strickland recognized faculty and honor graduates and read the names as graduates came to the stage. Also assisting with graduation were the BC Foundation, BC Ambassadors, Student Ambassadors and SGA members.

Names that follow are listed alphabetically by towns and by degrees or certificate areas. Those graduating with honors are so indicated.

Associate of Arts degree

Amy Addison, Patricia Webb Baker, Robert Braxton, Shane Bentley (Honors,) Christopher Maxwell Bryant, Tiffany Nicole Bryant, Brian Douglas Calhoun, Bridgett Clark, Magen Leigh Clement (Honors), Sharon Cristante, Shana Michelle Day, Kelli B. Dickson, Meleah L. Dollar, Hazel Donalson, Lora Leigh Drake, Keller Williams Galpin (Honors), Kacie Danielle Gordon, Samantha Lynn Hager (Honors), Maggie C. Harris, Joshua Higginbotham, Jenna Ann Jeter (Honors), Mary Paige Jones-Cook, Alan Killingsworth (Honors), Jon-Michael Lane, Linda Carol Lawrence, Lateska Lowe, Jessica Luevano, Zachary Maxwell, Lakara N. Miller, Lauren Burton Millings, Heather Nicole Morton (Honors), Kathryn Georgia Myers, Tabitha Payne, Desiree Payne (Honors), Joshua Stephen Pearson (Honors), Shannon Shardae Perkins, Mary Poitevant, William C. Poppell (Honors), James Ramer (Honors), Jeremy Ramer (Honors), Kelly LeeAnne Robinson, Joseph Kwaku Sarpong, Anthony J. Sellars (Honors), Garon L. Sellars, Ashley H. Shockley, Patrice L. Simmons, LaTonya Sha Simmons-Washington, Breanna Slaughter, Laketha Marche’ Smalley, Charles Clay Smith, Amy H. Summerlin (Honors), Sarah C. Thompson, Shelita Dione Thompson, John Christopher Timmons, Phyllis Travis, LaShana R. Williams, Ryan E. Wimberley and Lin Y. Yen, all of Bainbridge.

Lora Cawthon, Herman Cochran (Honors), Thomas Floyd, Tyesa Nicole Hutchins, Erica Jones Cook (Honors), Sheila Kuhn (Honors), Rachel L. Rogers, Andrew T. Usry, all of Blakely; Chester R. Lee of Bluffton; Lacey R. Addison (Honors), Jessica Barwick, Amanda Sue Inlow (Honors), all of Brinson; Amber Chimere’ Addison, Ruperto Cano, Candace Childs, Allen Copeland, M. Marquelle Corker-Hopkins, John F. Darus, Tiffany Tinese Everett, Dustin C. Jenkins, Trey Johnson, Kyle Morris Joiner, Mickey Langford (Honors), Bryan William  Martinelli (Honors), Brittany Nicole McGuire (Honors), Gina Miller, Samantha N. Mock, Thomas Jeffrey Payne, Angelita E. Perry and Suzanne White, all of Cairo; Windy Singletary of Calvary; Andrew Joseph Hay, Misty Anne Roberts, both of Camilla; Joshua Chase Alexander, Rayna J. Andrews (Honors), Lauren Alynn Bishop (Honors), Wanda Crawford, Dawn M. Johnson, Whitney Lane, Stephanie L. Reynolds, Nicki Renee Salter, Brandie Hester Singleton, Kasey Michele Smith, Daniel Sodrel, Christine Rebecca Stallings and Mary Margaret Wells, all of Climax.

Keidra LeChelle Brown (Honors), Lance Michael Carpenter, Fay D. Daniels, Kittie DePriest (Honors), Brittany M. Grubbs, Melissa Grubbs (Honors), Kelvin Antwan Hallmon (Honors), Amanda DeLayne Harvey, Melissa Heard, Kendra NeChelle Jessie (Honors), Jeremy Miller, Candace S. Miller, Robert N. Poff, Lee Anne K. Sheffield, Megan Whitaker, Lavonne Denise Williams (Honors), all of Colquitt; Gary M. Adams, Kathy E. Burch, Cody Walker Houston, Walter Stephen Miller, Robert Emory Snider, Latara LaShay Virgin and Jian Yu, all of Donalsonville; Robbie Weaver of Havana, Fla.; Ashlee Nicole Hornsby, Sheila Michele Waddell, Andria Weathersby, all of Iron City; Kelly Adams (Honors), Phillip Rogers, both of Jakin; Kendall Ross Atkinson of Newton; Jessie Miller Charles, Latrice N. Donaldson, both of Thomasville; Destiny Rae Irene Collins, Patrick Alexs Collins (Honors), Mallory Flowers (Honors), Kiara Dionne Griffin, Tammy K. Harrell, Richard Emory Lawrence (Honors), Thomas K. Leggett III and Carol Denise Wooden, all of Whigham.

Associate of Science in Nursing

Brittney London of Attapulgus; David A. Curry, Melissa L. Hawkins, Michael Probert, Jonathan L. Ralph, Cindy C. Truitt, all of Bainbridge; Kenneth R. Simpson II of Blakely; William Davis Tyus of Brinson; Rainey Sellers of Cairo; Krista Hitson of Climax; Megan E. Jarvis and Jason E. Wells of Colquitt; Dallarie Charme’ Jamison and Devin Lee Ross, both of Donalsonville.

Associate of Applied Science

Chiquita Denson of Albany; Shareka Danyeal Price of Attapulgus; Dale Addison (Honors), Shalonda D. Baker, Tanisha Nesha Gray Burke, Tena Mae Butler, Songa Clark, Lori G. Conner, Laterica Tanease Fountain, Tina Fudge, Amanda Fuller (Honors), Wayne A. Fuller (Honors), Gerard Anthony Gant, Tangela Nichole Gardner, Valnesia Kirksey Glenn, Patrina Harper, Eddie Lee Henderson (Honors), Yolanda T. Khayyam, Jawarn F. Lewis, Brenda K. McGriff, Alicia Murphy (Honors)Latasha Patterson, Tequila Rogers, Stacy Maria Bailey Rogers, Mary M. Turner (Honors), Janice Walker and Ashley Nicole West, all of Bainbridge.

Phyllis Elliott (Honors), Adrienne Epps (Honors), Antrinette M. Freeman, DeHaviland Hayes Haire, Racheal A. McCorkle, Joann W. McCoy, Emily O. Pippin (Honors)Latoya Stapleton, Courtney S. Yarbrough, all of Blakely; Tonya Renee Hill, Ashley M. Miller (Honors), Julia Smith, April Marsha-Nicole Taylor, all of Brinson; Natasha Farlin, Annie L. McBride, Latisha Kaye Miller, all of Cairo; Marla Darlene Foister, Kendrick L. Reddick, both of Camilla; Petrina Yevette Hopson, Toni Privett, Jonathon Widner, all of Colquitt; Gwendolyn Freeman (Honors), Angela Coretta Salter (Honors), both of Damascus; Monika Johnson, Kathy Hopkins King, Joshua A. Ready, Marianne Renee Starr (Honors), Quentin R. Taylor, all of Donalsonville; Lola M. Spann of Fort Gaines; Patricia A. Baker, Tywann P. Elijah (Honors), both of Iron City; Shannon D. Hines (Honors) of Quincy, Fla.; Heleeda Ellis of Sylvester and Ricky O. Bland (Honors) of Whigham.


Applied Marketing and Management: Sandra Brenton Noble, Ashley Nicole West, both of Bainbridge; Janice Lenice Carter, Joann McCoy, both of Blakely; Angela Brimm of Cairo; Neotha Fedd, Twynette Reynolds, both of Donalsonville; LaTonya Shuntai Williams of Pelham; Dilene Marie Rogers of Thomasville.

Business Office Technology: Deborah W. Brown, LaShonya Buggs, Tawania Crapp, Pamela Diane Myrick, Elaine Smith, Erica Watson, Lillie Wilson, all of Bainbridge; Chataqunda Ivey of Cairo; Joyce Shaw Douglas of Colquitt; Andrea Letitia Salter of Damascus; Holly Ann Retherford (Honors) of Jakin; Deidra L. Lewis of Morgan; LaTonya Shuntai Williams of Pelham.

Computer Information Systems: Angela Shorter of Albany; Quentin Taylor, Tavoris G. Williams, both of Donalsonville.

Criminal Justice Technology: Tangela Gardner of Bainbridge; Grace Cooper of Climax; Barbara K. Walker of Colquitt; Courtney C. Johnson of Damacus; LaKeisha M. Nicholson of Donalsonville; Amanda Hale-Seabrooks of Iron City; Nykia Causby of Jakin.

Early Childhood Care and Education: Vangeline Williams of Arlington; Shawntray Marcus, Stacie Maria Rogers, both of Bainbridge; LaToya Rainge of Blakely; Courtney Perkins of Donalsonville.

Electrical/Electronics Maintenance: Jamie Hayes of Bainbridge; Donnell C. Price of Blakely; Tom J. Jones of Climax; Cristina McLellan of Newton.

Industrial Maintenance: Robert McKensley Lovett of Bainbridge; Edward Mallory of Whigham.

Licensed Practical Nursing: Cherika I. Anderson, Yvette W. Dawson, Connie Glass (Honors), Ashley L. Glover, Veronica A. Harper, Veronica Hayes, Amanda Kay Loyless, Tanya Lyons, Veronica Wiggins, all of Bainbridge; Tamekia Lashon Bryant, Latesha Collier, Frances Daniels, Alma Eafford, Sara L. Howard, Sheena Lee, Jessica Celeste Love, Denise McCrackin, Shenita Rogers, LaKeisha L. Stamper, Tiffany Latoya Tolbert, Delphine Lampkin Wimbush, Shaneka Lashon Wimberly, all of Blakely; Tammy Lynn Coleman of Bluffton; Kimberly L. Lovett of Boston; Cheri W. Earp, Calla Ann Hartsfield, both of Brinson; Julie Whigham of Cairo; Keyonna LaShay Green of Calvary; Lisa Cumbie, Brittney Leigh Singleton, both of Climax; Bridget Cox, Markesha L. Freeman, both of Colquitt; Judith Carissa Ferguson of Columbia, Ala.; Mollie S. Tyson of Cuthbert; Marilyn J. Glynn, Tracy Moore-Whatley, Crystal Whigan, all of Donalsonville; Sheila A. Wright of Edison; Renee A. Kimble of Iron City; William Charles Thomas of Whigham.

Medical Assisting: Barbara Martin, Pamela D. Cook, both of Arlington; Patricia H. Childress, Christy A. Dudley, Tina Fudge, Quanshekia Shermere Jones, Janice  Walker, all of Bainbridge; Cheri W. Earp of Brinson; Lillie M. Richardson of Colquitt; Tabitha Yvonne Henderson of Donalsonville; Marilyn S. Lowe of Newton.

Medical Office Technology: Theresa A. Baulkman, LaShonya Buggs, Cynthia Diane Davis, Deborah Coley Echols, Miranda Footman-McIntyre, Cynthia B. Knight, Sabrina S. Peterson, Rhonda Porter, Melissa Rub (Honors), Vickie Taylor, Roxcie Teal, all of Bainbridge; Sara Ann Brown, Nina Causey (Honors), Julie Hall Noah (Honors), Charity Faythe Smith, Lativia Rena Worlds, all of Blakely; Jessica Kay Hicks, April Marsha-Nicole Taylor, Teresa L. Hurst, Ashley M. Miller (Honors), all of Brinson; Daria P. Bell,  Christen T. Brinson, Annie L. McBride, all of Cairo; Petrina Hopson, Chastity D. Young (Honors), both of Colquitt; Megan Michelle James of Jakin; Tonya Quinell Henry of Newton.

Paramedic Technology: Adam K. Brackin (Honors), Quentin Kente Carter, Amanda Garrett, Dennis J. Perkins (Honors), Angela R. Rathel, all of Colquitt; Susan P. Grice of Donalsonville.