BOE selected the best person

Published 7:01 pm Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It appears that I may stand alone with this statement. I commend the Board of Education for selecting someone that seems to, in my opinion, have the credentials to be a good school superintendent for Decatur County.

I commend the board for not having their “blinders” on and searching outside, as well as within, for someone whom they think will do the best job.

Granted we have two assistant superintendents that are well qualified for their current jobs and very well may make good superintendents.

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The majority of the complaints that I read seem to think that either of these two should have been chosen solely because they’re female or “locals” and have been part of this community. Statements were made, “Women need not apply,” “dashed all hopes and dreams,” “ignore or dismiss the talent of people who have given the greatest part of their career to the students”, “…overlooked two highly qualified local candidates who happened to not possess the most favorable biological composition,” “They have invested in the local community,” “they are teachers, they are friends and they are mentors.”

Being a local, a female, a friend, an investor in the community, a neighbor or even an assistant superintendent does not necessarily qualify anyone to take on the role of superintendent.

Our board received numerous applications and narrowed the list down to ultimately one. Their mission was to seek the best—regardless of where they were from.

Sure he may have less classroom experience than other candidates, but they were not looking for a teacher. They were looking for the best person to run Decatur County Schools. At the very least and outside or non-local superintendent can perform his/her duties without the influences of what everyone seems to be critical of such as a neighbor, friend, relative or a local.

Please welcome Mr. Rayfield to our community and not fault him for being selected the best person for the job!

Mike BarberBainbridge, Ga.