How many biscuits in the Canine Cookie Jar?

Published 2:41 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beth Eck, director of the Bainbridge Humane Society and Sally Miller have held this secret for almost four months, so they are doggone happy to let the “cat” out of the bag!

But first, they wanted to give a paw in appreciation to the businesses that donated prizes for this fund-raiser.

Junior Mall, Godwin’s Jewelers, Cat’s Pajamas, Southern Trading & Pawn, Book Nook, Kimberly’s Pet Salon and Country Kennel all contributed. These folks are always a tremendous support of the shelter, so please, the next time you go shopping, help them.

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Next, the winners!

Actually, there was a three-way tie for Top Dog. Best in Show went to Debra Chambliss. First in Show was Jim Rentz, and Second in Show was Julie Genovar. Other champions included Chuck Wesley, Dianne Singleton and Gervaise Lockett.

And to everyone else who took a chance, thank you for helping the helpless!

You are in a class all your own!

Oh yeah, the number of dog biscuits in the cookie jar was 1,000 minus 250, divided by 2, plus 16 squared, minus 16 equals the number of dog biscuits in the Canine Cookie Jar.