Second-graders shoot for the moon

Published 2:42 pm Tuesday, May 4, 2010

“Try my delicious Moon rocks, only fifty cents!”

“Get your moon pies!”

“Crater cookies for sale!”

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These phrases were heard among second-graders at John Johnson Elementary School recently.

A “Moon” Bake Sale was just one of many adventures Deebi Eubanks’ class threw themselves into while unraveling the secrets of the moon during the third nine weeks.

The reading class devoured “Horrible Harry Goes to the Moon,” a book written by Suzy Kline. In the book, Harry and his class have a bake sale to buy a used telescope to make their moon study unit even more exciting.

Inspired by the book, Eubanks’ class decided to have their own “Moon” bake sale.

John Johnson Elementary School has a brand-new science lab with wonderful equipment, so instead of a telescope, the teacher suggested that the class give all proceeds from the sale to cancer research.

This adventure allowed students to explore special areas of interest related to the moon.

An exciting activity such as the “Moon” Bake Sale provides opportunities for students to perform research, display their own originality, develop marketing strategies, construct a product and demonstrate task commitment in setting and achieving their goals.

The “Moon” Bake Sale was a huge success allowing the second-graders to donate $250 to Decatur County’s Relay for Life held March 17.