Godwin’s to hold high-tech scavenger hunt

Published 5:55 pm Thursday, April 29, 2010

Godwin’s Jewelers is hosting a high-tech scavenger hunt this Saturday morning in downtown Bainbridge, with the grand prize being a $10,000 diamond ring.

There is a $10,000 Scott Kay Diamond Ring somewhere in the streets of downtown Bainbridge. No, it’s not missing, it hasn’t been stolen and no one left it there by accident. Godwin Jewelers has purposefully placed (well, hidden) it there and is hoping for some lucky couple to find (and keep) it. Godwin’s is turning downtown Bainbridge into a city-wide game-board and has built a high tech treasure hunt for couples to try and seek out the diamond! So, this event is none other than Godwin’s Race for the Rock!

To participate in the game, couples have to submit their love stories to Godwin Jewelers at www.godwinsracefortherock.com. The best stories are being hand-picked by Godwin Jewelers and offered a spot to participate in the city-wide game on Saturday, May 1. Participants can also be teams of two guys or two girls, or a guy and girl who are just friends.

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This game is not your average treasure hunt; this is a game of skills, and it’s a fully interactive high tech game where all of the clues and challenges are delivered to couples’ mobile phones via text message. On Saturday, May 1 at 10 a.m. 350 couples will meet at Willis Park in downtown Bainbridge to take part in Godwin’s Race for the Rock. Once the game kicks off, the teams will be sent sprinting around downtown Bainbridge, solving clues and riddles delivered to participant’s cell phones via text message. The game will culminate when one lucky couple finds the secret location of the Scott Kay Diamond Ring worth $10,000. In addition to this beautiful ring, Godwin’s has also put together a lavish after party for all the participants at its store at 400 E Shotwell Street!

For more information and to submit your love story for a chance to win a spot in the competition, visit www.godwinsracefortherock.com.