True facts about Bishop

Published 2:47 pm Friday, April 23, 2010

I have voted for Sanford Bishop in the past but that was when he listened to the people in District 2.

Now, he doesn’t listen to the people. All he can do is dance like a puppet when Nancy Pelosi and Obama pull his strings. That is why he voted for ObamaCare.

Last year in March of 2009, Bishop had a chance to do something for the people’s health in Terrell County, Dougherty County, Mitchell County and Thomas County. I had written a letter to the president about the cancer situation in these four counties. The cancer situation in these counties is still bad. In fact, these four counties have the highest rate of cancer of any other place in Georgia.

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I gave the letter to Wallace Sholar to give to Sanford Bishop to hand deliver to the President. I feel pretty sure the letter did not get to him. As far as the black population is concerned, they have a 20 percent greater chance of getting cancer than all other races according to the American Cancer Society. Friends, black or white, Sanford Bishop has turned his back on you.

I attended a meeting at SOWEGA Technical College in Thomasville. Mr. Bishop had a friend from Washington who had written the Stimulus Bill. I learned pretty quick that small towns like Meigs, Pelham and Sale City would get little or nothing from the Stimulus Bill.

I do not think Mr. Bishop will be returning to office after Nov. 2, 2010. But if he does, God help us all

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