Alcoholic beverage license dies for lack of a motion

Published 6:31 am Thursday, April 22, 2010

An application by Polisa Ann Tucker for an alcoholic beverage license at a sports bar known as the Network at 1037 Faceville High died for lack of a motion at Tuesday night’s Bainbridge City Council meeting at city hall.

Prior to the vote and comments by concerned citizens ,Mayor Edward Reynolds said the requirement of being 300 feet from the establishments door to a churches door was met.

The Rev. Jim Nalls, pastor of Southwest Baptist Church, located next to the establishment, and some of his members spoke in opposition to granting the license.

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“Our church serves the community and our ministries serve a lot of children and teen agers.,” the Rev. Nalls said. We vigorously resent the fact that right next door to us there will be people selling liquor.”

Church members Elaine and David Hall also addressed Mayor Edward Reynolds and members of council.

“We started out in a small church on Scott Street,” Mrs. Hall said. “We have a lot of money invested in our new church. Sometimes our children go down to play near holding ponds on the property and would be very close to the business.”

Mr. Hall pointed out that Highway 97 South, where the church and the building where the proposed sports bar building are located, is a very dangerous area.

“We have seen the state patrol and other law endorsement cars going up and down that road,” he said. “If you allow a sports bar in that area, you are just asking for problems.”

Church member Mark Parker said he was concerned about people loitering around the church which he said was built by God.

Church member Larry Harrell agreed, pointing out that a murder occurred at a similar establishment several years ago.

“Making a dollar is not worth a life,” Harrell said in conclusion.

The proposed sports bar location previously housed Grandmas Kitchen. Polisa Ann Tucker said she did not want to disrespect the church in any way and there would be no loitering.

Martha Martin, who owns a beauty shop near the location, said she, like the church members, was concerned about having a liquor establishment next door.