Two arrested on drug charges after fire

Published 8:24 pm Friday, April 16, 2010

Two people were arrested on drug-related charges early Friday when Sheriff’s deputies who responded to a home fire found suspected meth at the residence.

William Leroy Cook, 27, and Cheryl Lynn Dewick, 37, both of 181 Neal St., were both arrested and charged with unlawful possession of psuedoephedrine, possession of meth and manufacturing meth.

Shortly after 12 a.m. Friday, Sheriff’s deputies Humberto Dean and Vincent Edmond were among the emergency personnel who responded to a report of a house fire at 181 Neal St., in the Dollar subdivision off Georgia 97 South outside Bainbridge.

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As soon as firefighters had gained control of the fire and almost extinguished it, Deputy Edmond walked to the backyard, where Cook approached him. Cook asked Edmond to shine his flashlight into a wooden drawer sitting in the backyard so that he could retrieve some property.

While shining the light into the drawer, Edmond noticed a plastic bag containing coffee filters and a white, powdery substance, which Cook admitted was meth. Upon further search, deputies found several items commonly used to make meth in the backyard behind the home.