It is time to be historic

Published 2:10 pm Friday, April 16, 2010

Good afternoon, Bainbridge Tea Party Patriots!

Thank you for welcoming me into your wonderful town. Thank you for offering me a chance to speak to you this afternoon.

Already, in just this short period of time, we have already shut down a few stereotypes about hard-working, God-fearing, American-loving tea party patriots:

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One, that there are no black people willing to come to a tea party.

Two, that there are no tea party patriots willing to invite black people to a tea party.

Three, that our love for America can prompt us to act with pride, not hate.

So, let me clarify for anyone willing to protest out of malice to derail this historic populist movement to take government in America back to the constructs of the Constitution: this Tea Party—and tea parties around the nation—will not tolerate your hatred, buy into your distractions, and will not be stopped until government goes back to the primary focus of serving the American people, not its own selfish gain.

And let me be clear: there is a lot that our governments—at the local, state and federal levels—have gained out of selfish focus and failure to understand the premise of “We the People.” There has been a health care bill passed without the will of the majority of Americans because a small majority of politicians in Washington thought they knew what was best. I know that there were politicians from my home state of North Carolina that disregarded our protests and phone calls, just as there are politicians such as Rep. Sanford Bishop here in Georgia that did the same. When the vast majority of your constituents are against legislation that is being presented, as a representative of the people, there is an obligation to engage, listen to, and represent the people of the district that one serves, not one’s friends in high places. Big time Washington politics should never trump the needs of small town American values and when it does, it is time for big time Washington politicians to be retired from politics and brought back home as a reminder of who is in charge.

From Bainbridge, Ga., to Boston, Mass., this must be the rallying call today: It is time to be historic. The first revolutionary war was fought by a small but growing minority of colonists that understood the history-making opportunity before them. This second revolutionary war—the one being fought by patriots such as all of you here today—is being carried on by a growing minority of Americans that understand that we must defend the gains of the past centuries of American law if we are going to bequeath to our children and grandchildren the greatness of the United States of America.

Our mantra as a movement started with the phrase “taxed enough already.” That is not enough today. With the legislative directives coming from Washington, D.C., with the questionable moves that we see from the White House with traditional allies such as France and Israel; with the express desire to skirt the Constitution and redistribute the wealth; we must continue not the T-E-A Party—Taxed Enough Already—we must move forward with the T-B-A Party: Taking Back America.

Now, what does that mean, Bainbridge?

Are we referring to taking back America from a black president or from Latino-Americans or from professional American women?

I say clearly and loudly: No.

This is not about race, gender or ethnicity. Anyone that thinks that our movement to take back America from a legitimate culture group within America does not understand the power and the glory that God has bestowed on our great nation through the melting pot that we embrace.

Anyone that believes that this is about hatred does not believe in the inscription found in the Statue of Liberty. We do not hate the poor: We embrace them as they work to become the prosperous. The huddle masses yearning to breathe free are also the ones that will fight to the last breath to ensure that the government that oversees our nation will not tax us—or legislate us to death. Like Lady Liberty, we seek not to be a dark cloud on America, but the T-E-A Party and the T-B-A Party—seek to be a new light in America, shining the way to a path of opportunity, a land of prosperity, and a national community of leaders that embrace the Constitution and the ability to live free under its protection.

Taking back America means taking up the lamp of liberty on behalf of those that fought this good fight before us—and for those that seek to ensure that there is an America to give to generations after us.

The America that will come after we are long since gone must honor farmers in Georgia the same way it supports computer programmers in Granada Hills, Calif., or, for that matter, meatpackers in Green Bay, Wis., and laborers in Gary, Ind.

Cap-and-trade must not be allowed to have a chance to cap our ability to prosper in the small towns and small businesses of everyday America. Cap-and-trade must not be given the leeway to trade away our ability to compete globally with nations that do not value these agreements the same way that we do. It may not be socialist or communist to put such agreements into place, but I say with respect but with candor: any president or congressman that puts an American cap-and-trade law into place, knowing that other nations within the global economy will NOT obey the same rules of business engagement, is being un-American. That is something that we have to take our nation back from.

Patriots, what we face is more than just being “taxed enough already.” It is no longer just about T-E-A. it is about T-B-A—taking back America.

It is about taking back our nation from the misguided philosophy that we can spend our way out of this economic mess from the top. Anytime Christina Romer, the chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, tells us in December that government spending is a “sensible policy” to get us out of a recession—only to tell us months later that there is only so much government can do in order to end this recession through its spending—we know that we need a change.

After hearing that, it is clear: yes, Madam Chair, and yes, Mr. President, we need a change, a necessary change that we can believe in—and it is not the change in our pockets from your additional, misguided spending—it appears to be a necessary change in Washington leadership, starting in 2010 this November and onward to 2012 and the White House.

And why do we advocate such a historic change in 2010 and 2012 soon after the historic election of 2008?

It is because we cannot allow for another financial farce to occur on behalf of the American people as we have seen with the stimulus package. Legislation that was rushed through votes along party lines under the guise that unemployment would be capped at 8 percent nationally with swift action on Capitol Hill.

Capped at 8 percent, huh? I’d love to trade that capped number instead of having the 10 percent unemployment we have suffered around the nation over the past year or so, right? That’s the only cap-and-trade the American people need at this point, not another job-killing bill, right?

The stimulus package is enough to question the direction of the nation. Yet, that is not all that push us from being a party that is T-E-A to a force that is T-B-A.

When our president says on national television that he is not worried about the legislative process that guides the formation of our laws, we must conclude that we have a nation to take back.

When we hear congressmen say on the Internet that he is not worried about the Constitution when it comes to Obamacare and other votes such as reconciliation and procedure tactics in order to win on Capitol Hill not vote in accordance of representing their constituents, then we must conclude that we have a nation to take back.

When we see that education is failing in our nation as-is, but people want to fund it more as-is: we have a nation to take back.

When we see jobs failing to come back into the economy, even as Wall Street and banks such as JP Morgan Chase flourish with $3.3 billion profits reports this past quarter—all while the federal government TARPs them out of trouble as they refuse to loan small businesses back to recovery—folks, we have a nation to take back.

The move toward socialism at the top of the government structure in America threatens the republican form of government in the small towns of everyday America. If we merely focus on being a T-E-A Party, we will not be successful. If we believe that we are T-B-A Movement, we will overcome just as we did in the 1800s and the 1900s.

This movement the T-B-A Movement is about smaller government, bigger people. We must be willing to take a bigger role in the formation of our government, the efficiency of our government, and the prosperity of our nation. We must understand, promote and support the notion that America is the land where dreams come true—the American Dream not through the subsidized plans of a government bureaucracy, but through the hard work and American ingenuity of its citizen leaders, willing to fight for their rights and work for a better way.

Now is the time to be historic, patriots. People will attempt to distraction us with different slights and accusations. They will call us racists. They will call us sexists. They will call us hateful. They will call us misguided. They will call us inappropriate. They will call us failures.

They said the same thing about General Washington before he became President Washington and formed a nation.

They said the same thing about a short preacher a native Georgian named Martin King, until he was given the Nobel Peace Prize and changed a nation.

They said the same thing about a former actor named Ronnie Reagan and his fight to end communism’s threat throughout the world until a little wall in Berlin fell—per his request—along with the fall of the former Soviet Union.

They said the same thing about the efforts to battle back Hitler in the 1940s and defeat Britain in the 1770s. They said the same thing about coming back as a world economic force in the 1890s and the 1930s.

Yet, in each instance, we have not been failures. In each instance, we have been victors. In each instance, we have been leaders for prosperity in America and for the rest of the world.

Just the same, we are not failures as members of the T-B-A Party. We will be victors within the 21 century for a stronger, better America, just as our forefathers were in the centuries before us.

Americanism wins when we embrace it. The United States leads when it is viewed as a force of good. The Constitution defeats tyranny whenever it is used as an instrument of justice.

Now is the time to take up this mantle, and when we find that America or American politicians are unwilling or unable to take up this historical mantle and bring about us back to the historical honor that proud Americans forged for us in our past, we must be the patriots willing to fight today to uphold this great land and the promise it represents as a God-fearing, freedom-loving land of self-determination.

Complaining about being “taxed enough already” is plenty when seen in the context of congressmen supporting job-killing and tax-expanding legislation such has cap-and-trade, the health care legislation, and the stimulus package that will come back to tax more hard-working Americans. We know that we must vote out of office those that will tax us into submission and spending us into second-class status around the world.

However, we must also speak to taking back America if we are going to be victorious in the broader sense. This is more than just reducing the tax burden on everyday Americans, fellow patriots. This is about increasing the amount of prosperity and freedom in America. This is about having laws in place that allow our citizens to touch the American Dream and own their destiny in our nation. This is about having politicians in place that lead with humble, servant leadership—not politicians that vote for cap-and-trade against the will of the people, vote for installing government-based health care plans against the will of the people, and support reconciliation in order to skirt the basic tenets of procedure in Congress. This movement is about having a financial, constitutional and community freedom for current and future Americans.

Do not get distracted by the accusations hurled at you—and do not be deterred by the actions of our current politicians aimed at you. This is the time to be historic and not be unfocused. This is a time to be unyielding—not to be compromising. This is a time to be passionate even as people accuse you wrongly of being violent.

As always in America—through the darkest of times and the strangest of movements God’s truth shines through all and God’s sheds His Grace on thee. If 2009 was about “taxed enough already” then 2010 must be able “taking back America” T-B-A. It is up to us to move from T-E-A to T-B-A in order to extol our values from Boston to Bainbridge, from Capitol Hill to Beverly Hills and points in between. We talked of T-E-A to protect our children and grandchildren financially, but now is the time to be historic to talk of T-B-A in order to defend our forefathers and our descendants for the vitality of the U.S.A.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak to you today. God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America.