Appreciates support

Published 2:43 pm Friday, April 9, 2010

Climax, I would like to thank all the citizens who supported me during my 3-1/2 years being mayor of Climax.

I would like to tell all the other citizens who didn’t support me, that’s OK. Freedom of choice. What I did and the decisions I made I did for “all.” To my fan club, you are forgiven. I forgave you all quite a while back. You have not realized just what you did for “me.” You made me more determined and gave me strength to continue on to do my very best and to finish my term.

I believe with what was shared with me, it was God’s plan to put me there and He gave me an outstanding group of people to work with me. We were able to accomplish all the necessary work that had to be done along with everyday work that was required to be done, coupled with more added work almost daily. With them, God, and many other good-hearted people who guided us. We were able to succeed and do or not to do for the city and the citizens of Climax. What was done was for all citizens of Climax.

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I would like to thank Joel Jenkins, Karen Toole, Greg Toole, Keith Harrison, Bob Thomas, Ronnie Bishop, Liz Parrish and Willie Barrentine for standing beside me, believing in me and giving me the strength to keep going on.

Citizens, what we did was done for all of you. Why? Because we love and care for our city. We work together for the best, safety and the betterment of our city and all the citizens of Climax.

Sincerely,Elizabeth Sheddy-Phillips Mayor of Climax, Ga.2006-2009