Nice menagerie

Published 8:06 pm Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On Bainbridge’s square Saturday, there were Decatur County-grown strawberries, Bainbridge-grown flowers and an array of locally produced crafts.

Talent included those who crafted handsome jewelry, made beautiful soaps, created decorative glassware or baked their own cakes or bread.

All of this was served up at Saturday’s farmer’s market, which kicked off the season. Every first Saturday of the month, the farmer’s market will take place in Willis Park, and the first one is promising that the event will get bigger and better.

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Downtown Manager Dit Albritton wants to limit the market to Georgia-grown or Georgia-made items. This will certainly add to the event from previous years.

From the first event of the year, several residents spent their Saturday sharing their wares and their talents.

As one person who purchases several items said, she wished there was more locally grown produce, but she still enjoyed the crafts.

As the growing season progresses, there’ll surely be more produce for sale. But there’s also a nice menagerie of talent offered up Saturday.

As Saturday’s market proved, it wasn’t just about some tomatoes, but it also showcased a lot of talent.