A broken system

Published 7:35 pm Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This letter is in response to Mr. Clifford Gordon Jr.’s letter published in The Post-Searchlight on March 27, 2010.

Mr. Gordon, you began your letter with “The sky didn’t fall and time didn’t stand still: This was the message that some of our so-called leaders said would happen if health care reform was passed.”

Well Mr. Gordon, this was also the same message that some so-called leaders said would happen if the reform did not pass. What’s really so bad about all this ruckus about a crisis that has to be dealt with right now is, that the reform does not take effect for four more years, but we start paying the taxes for it now!

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You are right about one thing: “It has never been about health care reform at all;” it’s been about the government running your whole life for you because people are not smart enough to understand what goes on at city hall, county commission, state legislature or Congress. The American people seem to be more interested in who will win American Idol.

Apparently you only listen to the lame stream media since you can only see Obama as a black man instead of the statist that he is. And apparently you haven’t read a previous letter of mine where I blasted the so-called right wing conservative Republicans as well as the so-called left wing liberal Democrats. Mr. Gordon, with only a few rare exceptions, they are all statists, who believe that the rulers should tell the masses who we should go to war with, what insurance to buy, what crops to plant, what toilet to use, etc.

As far as your charge of racism on the part of the Tea Party people, then apparently you have never been to a Tea Party. I would like to invite you to the one in Bainbridge or the one in Donalsonville on April 15 and listen to the keynote speakers, both of which are black men.

You may say that you cannot support a right wing Republican even if he is black. That is the point we are trying to make about Obama. It does not matter if he is black! People do not support Obama because he is a statist.

Your remark about disguised patriotism shows that you do not know the meaning of the word. Patriotism is doing what is right for the country, even if it means seriously disagreeing with the government. Nationalism means agreeing with the government no matter what they say. The German Nazis were good little nationalists. They agreed with everything Hitler said.

Do I think Obama is another Hitler? No. He’s just the latest version of another statist president. In my previous letter I complained about Bush, Cheney, McCain and others. If you compare our government to a car, Obama is the driver and all the previous administrations and Congresses built this car. And that sir is what the Tea Party movement is all about: the car that was already built before Obama started driving.

The seed that was planted for the Tea Party movement was the failure of Newt Gingrich’s (Republican) so-called “Contract With America.” The Democrats have been steadily destroying America with their statist agenda and when the Republicans took over under Mr. Newt, they not only failed to clean up the Democratic mess, they actually advanced the statist agenda!

The Tea Party movement is all about people who are sick and tired of financial irresponsibility, higher and higher taxes, and loss of individual freedom. It consists of people of all races, economic backgrounds and political philosophies.

I also would like to thank you and others who have written letters recently who support the Democratic Party. For too long, almost all of the political letters have been from the Republican supporters and I appreciate all of those too. The better informed we all are, the better voters we make.

While the so-called right wing conservatives Republicans may continue the Obama bashing, the greatest problem with America is not what Obama can do. There is a possibility that his driving can be fixed. The greatest problem is the millions of people who not only voted for him, but the millions who thought McCain was a viable alternative. If people continue to think that the government is smarter than the general public, than Obama is insignificant.

David BrookinsSeminole County, Ga.