Will be at Tea Party rally

Published 1:47 pm Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Like many Americans, for too long I have been complacent when it comes to the governance of this country. I listened to the speeches, read the news accounts, and cast my vote, content that I had done my civic duty.

The problem is that was only the first step of civic duty.

The second—and most important—step is exercising due diligence to ensure Washington politicians are representing the will of the American people who sent them there and are spending our tax dollars in a sane, responsible manner.

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Sadly, our “let George do it” attitude has resulted in the country being in the position it is in today. The politicians we elected to represent us seem to have become the very thing we separated from in 1776: an arrogant ruling class which believes the common man is too uneducated to know what is best for him; therefore, they will legislate what is best for us regardless of what the people actually say they prefer.

They follow party policy or the dictates of the president, who acts more like a despot than an elected official.

My wake-up call came not on President Obama’s watch, but when George Bush made his urgent appeal for passage of the first bailout. Not only was his sense of urgency alarming, but the staggering amount of the bill while we were in the throes of a recession and rising unemployment made me sit up and pay attention. I prayed the bill would not pass, and we all see how that turned out.

On April 15, I will be attending the Tea Party Rally at Willis Park. It will run from 5:30 to approximately 7 p.m. The keynote speaker is Lenny McAllister, a black conservative and author of “Diary of a Mad Black PYC (Proud Young Conservative).”

It is the opportunity to express my support of the American way of life, of limiting the control of the federal government and slowing down their spending that is driving America into oblivion. I urge like-minded citizens to join me.

I am not asking just for conservatives or independents, but all citizens who are alarmed at the path our politicians have put us on. This rally is not affiliated with the Republican Party or the national Tea Party. It is sponsored by average, local citizens who are saddened that our country is in such a precarious financial situation, put there by an ever-expanding government whose only answer seems to be to spend more.

The goal is to lift our voices in peaceful protest and educate people on what courses of action are available to them. It will make us stronger by allowing us to network with citizens who are genuinely concerned about our country and the course on which it currently is headed.

As an alternative, people can continue to sit back and do nothing; they can merely complain to each other about taxes or laws or politicians; and they can bemoan the feeling of helplessness they have about their situation.

But, really, how’s that working for you? Isn’t it time to get together and try to make a difference? See you in Willis Park on April 15!

Roy ZimmermanBainbridge, Ga.