What fools we are

Published 8:11 pm Friday, March 26, 2010

Boy or girl, woman or man, if you’re like me you hope to live healthy and free as long as you can.

And to do so you need a plan, started with the end in mind for no matter what you do, my friend, you will die in the end.

Soon or late you must go and only you decide the seed you sow, and what you harvest from your toil and sweat. A few months ago I reached age 85, and I am very thankful to be healthy and alive with a wonderful family and friends galore, I could not ask for more.

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But a few things I see just seem to gnaw at me; alcohol and nicotine are the two worst killers this world has ever seen. Thousands are hurt, for every person that dies have years taken from them. Still a lot of people think it’s fun to smoke and drink, making other people choke and the whole world stink, and another thing I’d like to see is something done about obesity.

Why do we eat more than we should just because it tastes so good?

So we stuff our gut with calories that make fat around our butt. Not to mention other things needing attention like heart disease and an early death from the fat around our lungs shortening our breath. Can you and I change, or will we always be that old saying, “What fools we mortals be?”

Jack JonesClimax, Ga.