A letter to God

Published 8:15 pm Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear God,

I am not one who believes that you should be blocked out. I believe that our Founding Fathers held a deep honor, respect and appreciation for your influence into their decision-making process. Abraham Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents that held our nation together, learned to read from reading your Holy Word.

As of recent, I have bore witness to our nation being beat, battered and her people bruised, Lord. Yet, this is still the land that I love. I have seen influences bent on destroying and reshaping this nation, a nation founded upon You and the principles that You set in order, trying to rip our Constitution to shreds, a Constitution that I believe You helped to craft. Yet still, Lord, I know that you are still a God that is all powerful and sovereign, and I believe that you hear the prayers of your people no matter what the spiritual influences may be that we face. Therefore, I bring to your attention that we are a nation founded upon You, but now find ourselves in need of a Nehemiah. Our political walls lay in ruin, as greed, bribery, corruption and lies fill the halls of our government.

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I confess that as a nation we have separated you out, albeit with the intent that as a nation we will not be able to force a religion onto people. However, we have went on the offensive in this regard, preventing Your influence and inspiration in our schools and forbidding the Ten Commandments in public buildings. However, Lord, Moses, in Your ability to illustrate Your sovereignty over our national government, can be seen in the ceiling of the U.S. Supreme Court amidst an entourage paying tribute to the rule of law.

As a citizen of this nation, I call upon that sovereignty, for we have reached a point that we are in need of Your intervention to clean up the mess that our votes, whether ignorant or well intentioned, and our Congress have created.

Lord, you are a sovereign God. I am comforted when I remember that You are the Lord that made demands that the pharaohs of Egypt could not disobey. I take comfort in remembering that You are the God that made the walls of Jericho fall. I take comfort when I consider how Your Word tells of kings and rulers that were removed from power or of others that rose through an unlikely set of circumstances to sit in kingly places.

Simply put, you have not only a voice, but supreme power to set in motion changes in government. You are also, the God that brought about Nehemiah. I take refuge in the knowledge that Christ died on the cross for our sins, but in pains me to see the corruption, greed and deceit playing out in our government adding to the pain that You bore on the cross.

I petition, God, to help our nation. Help restore this land into one that brings You honor. We are a nation that was founded upon Your principles, and in You we hold our trust. America is hurting right now, Lord, and in the process, we are hurting You, again and again.

As a nation, our leaders have often taken stands that have rebelled against you, I confess and I issue a call to repentance. I pray that You will help us, as a nation, to see the error of our ways, help our leadership to serve You first, and help our government to fall back in line into a government that brings Your name honor.

I pray for our nation’s leaders, impart into them wisdom, teach them the value and necessity of responsibility, integrity and accountability. Help to govern with honor and reverence for You and the position/office of which they hold. I pray also that you will remove those from power that do not serve the people honorably and bring those into power that will rule with honor and dignity. Uproot the desires of evil men, or selfish or corporate greed, that can influence our elected officials and shield our representatives in government from those influences that can tear at our national fabric or their inner core.

More than anything, Lord, I ask that You send us our Nehemiah, or make me or anyone else who is willing, to be that Nehemiah. We are in need of our walls to be rebuilt, walls that bring You and Your people Honor. Please set in motion a restoration, a revival of both spiritual and patriotic power, and Let the sound of Your voice echo in the halls of Congress, Let Your influence change hearts and guide decision-makers into making the right decisions for our country. Restore the faith, impart wisdom and ignite a spiritual desire in our nation’s core.

I leave America in Your hands God, this nation that I have seen from sea to shining sea and defended with my own sweat and blood. I pray that you carry her, carry her during this time of trial, as you have carried me so many times in the past, even though the footprints in the sand be deeper under her weight. Lord, You have the whole world in Your hands, please place but Your finger upon America. Send down your power, repair our political system, and ignite a revival of patriotism and honor that we may serve and praise You all the more.

Please help my country Lord, Send us our Nehemiah,

An American patriot, an American soldier and combat veteran, an American citizen.

Jason SellarsBainbridge, Ga.