Greed has driven this debate

Published 8:08 pm Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For the past few weeks, I have followed the debate about health care closely and have yet to see one Republican, or for that matter, anyone else come up with any new ideas about reform of the health care system.

Why I ask is this such a hard thing to do?

I can answer this with one word “greed.” And it’s not just the Republicans, it’s the Democrats also.

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We all know by now that they get kickbacks from the drugmakers and insurance companies for their votes for or against this issue and if you’ve been under a rock for the past year you know how the Republicans feel. They claim that the world will end if this bill is passed, but really the only thing that will end is them receiving their yearly kickback to the tune of several million dollars.

I think they have all forgotten about who they work for and that’s us, the taxpayers. I think we as taxpayers need to send each and everyone of them a message in November and that message is that there will be no more spending 26 and 40 years in office. These people have forgotten who sent them to Washington and why they were sent there. Not to line their pockets but to do the people‚Äôs business. They all need reminding and this is the right time. Actually I think the Republicans should be brought up on charges of treason against their country because of the way they’ve acted this past year.

Even though you may disagree with President Obama about this issue, that’s no reason to hold up the people’s business and they are doing this for personnel gain and not patriotism.

Those of us in the know know why the Republicans and the Tea Party groups are so bent out of shape, and it’s not health care. Wake up America and see this for what it is.

Clifford GordonBainbridge, Ga.