Doing double

Published 8:17 pm Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Imagine a hiker in the woods trying to hunt for worms while at the same time bird watching.

Or imagine a singer trying to belt out a song while at the same time drinking a glass of water.

Within a very short time, something will give, and trying to perform the two tasks together will prove to be stupid, if not disastrous.

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The same is true with drivers trying to text message while driving down the road.

As one technology forescaster, Paul Saffo, stated in a New York Times article, “The act of texting automatically removes 10 IQ points.”

Legislation that would prohibit those under 18 years old from operating a vehicle on the roads or highways while using a wireless communications device is working its way through the Georgia General Assembly.

The bill would also impose stiff penalties—including the suspension of a driver’s license—if you were involved in an accident while texting or talking on a cell phone and found at fault.

Not permitting yourself to engage in this obviously stupid and potentially dangerous act would be the wise. Now it may be the law shortly, and for good reason.