Wind was messing with the fish

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The week has been seesaw between hi winds and rain with very little calm pretty days to soak a minnow or drown a worm.  Course it is March and it’s supposed to be windy, but we are soaked with rain water.

Tuesday Pam and Steven took a good mess of crappie and some nice bass. Mike Sloan had 4 and Mr. Cleary had 2 goodun’s. Sixty crappie was taken by a group from Pensacola and 10 good-sized catfish was taken on Stink Bait.

Wednesday, Paul Tyre took some big bass off beds and released them. He also took 10 bass on traps and worms, some bedding and some just staging. Many bass were taken by Mike Sloan, mostly on beds with traps.

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Thirty-six crappie was taken on minnows in 5 foot of water. Another boat reported good mess of crappie with six bass and a few cats.

Friday was a good day for ducks. By-Gumbo it mite nigh rained all day, but it was a warm rain and did not hurt the bass fishen a-tall.

The Hydrilla Gnats held their club tournament on Sunday with Joe Cleary taking first with 18.84 pounds, Angelo Koundourakis took second with 16.22 pounds and Tom Imhof took third with 11.45 pounds.  Brian Satterfield had the unofficial Big Fish with a nice 5.37-pounder.  Three boats had limits, which was tough since the wind was blowing so hard.

The Sunshine Bassmasters of Tallahassee fished Saterday with Kim Brown winning with 22.92 pounds and Big Fish at 6.22 pounds. Warren Ellis came in second with 19.16 pounds, and Newt Dunn came in third with 16.23 pounds.

The Po Boys Bass Club, also of Tallahassee, fished out with Mitch Langston taking first with 12.5 pounds. Pete Barbaree came in second with 11.44 pounds and Randy Ditto took third with 10.22 pounds.

The North Central Christian Bass Club of Jacksonville spent the weekend with us here at Wingate’s and fished with great results. I think 11 boats had five-fish limits out of 17 boats. A very good percentage. First place went to Brock Lee/Randall Head with 20.35 pounds and Big Fish at 7.78 pounds; second place went to Kenny Hunnicutt/Curtis Jeffords with 15.67 pounds, and third place went to David Woody/Dustin Combs with 14.58 pounds.

A great group of fine people and had the best M.C. I’ve ever seen. His name is Bud Mane and a fine man. Now we must look at Mr. Holden. It takes a big man to take one 8-year-old fishen, but to take a 5-year-old girl also, two kids makes him a great man in my book. The boy, Ryan, had a real big bass. The wind roared all day long to stop at 5 p.m. after the weigh-in.

The Tri-States Bass Club fished out, and Reggie Calhoun won it with 14.58 pounds, Junior Mundinger took second with 14.45 pounds and Bobby Thomas took third with 14.12 pounds. Travis McQuaig had Big Fish with a 5.61-pounder.  They had 18 boats in their tournament.

Bill Allen and W.C. Johnson of Recovery, Ga., had a 30.10-pound for a five-fish limit with a 12.72 pounds kicker. That was one big fish!

Wingate’s Fishing Report

March 14, 2010

Lake surface temp: 59Lake level: Near fullClarity: Clearing in placesFlint: ClearingChattahoochee: Cloudy and fastSpring Creek: Clear in placesReport provided by:  Jack Wingate