Can we at least be fair?

Published 2:47 pm Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When we recently lost the summer Olympics to Brazil, I was shocked to hear people chortling with glee—they were overjoyed that President Obama had failed to get Chicago as the Olympic site.

The Olympics would have created thousands of jobs and brought hundreds of millions of foreign dollars to the United States. It would have been a good thing, yet many were happy to see our president fail.  Why?

Recently the former Alaska governor said that we need a “Commander-in-Chief not a Harvard law professor.”

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Early into his term, President Obama was told that Navy SEALS were ready to eliminate the three Somali pirates holding the captain of an American ship. His reply was if you have the shot, take it! And they did. He added more than 30,000 new troops to Afghanistan, taking half the time to make the decision than President Bush took to approve the Iraqi “surge.” He has tripled the amount of Predator drone attacks in Pakistan killing hundreds of al-Qaida and Taliban personnel. He approved U.S. attacks in Yemen and Somalia. He signed the most sweeping change in veteran’s benefits in more than 30 years. Sounds like a commander-in-chief to me.  By the way, he extended President Bush’s Patriot Act for another year. I disagree with that but there you are.

As to the claim that he “has taken our Constitution away from us.” Name one item of the Constitution that President Obama has ursurped—just one!

There isn’t any.

One protester said that he’s taking away our 2nd Amendment right to own guns. He hasn’t done anything to change current gun control laws.

So disagree with President Obama, but be fair. I disagreed with President Bush’s invasion of Iraq, but I wanted our troops to win.

Also, let’s leave the President’s family out of the equation—they were not elected. If you have an issue direct it to the elected officials. And, please, hope our nation succeeds whoever is behind the Oval Office desk.

Tom BushBainbridge, Ga.