From the Bass Masters Classic

Published 7:39 pm Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Qoutible qouts’ I heard on stage at the Bass Masters Classic, one contestant sed, “If you go black, yoo want ever go back.” This was pertaining to outboard motors.

Another contestant made this statement, “I don’t appreciate being call the “Tiger Woods of Bass Fishing,” my mother, father and wife are always with me along with my kids.”

Dangeros things, a father trying to hold onto a very young baby and talking on a cell phone.

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A man crossing three lanes of traffic coming to a dead stop, backing up turning around still holding his cell phone.

Best job offered this week, while getting her tackle ready before blast off, a boat eased along side of Pam Martin-Wells and sed, “If you ever want to fire your bass caddy, I’ll sure like to have first bid on him.” Steven Wells seats at the ramp all day waiting for her to come in.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day to fish, weather wise, over 50 bass was taken and released up to 8 pounds and we had our first reported “site bass” taken, meaning a berdding bass. The gentle-men bass are up in the shallows prepareing the beds while the lady-bass awaits on the deeper nearby water, pre spawn time is the works, I believe.

The Fishermen for the Hungry tourney this past Saterday went like this, Scott Barefoot and Brad Reynolds, five fish limit tiped the scales at 29.20. Terry Stevens and David Johnson had 23.04, and Earl Robertson and Mike Hend had 22.94 pounds, Nic Jeter and Jake Jeter had 22.26. Nic is 18 and Jake is 13 years of age. Fishermen for the Hungry will do great things at the Fort Gaines Baptist Church on March 13, check it out, unbelievable for a rely depresed area.

Backwoods Outdoors out of Albany, Ga., fished a total of 63 boats Saterday under extremely cold weather all day and no sun late in the evening. There was some very unusual things went on that day, there was over 11 bags of fish over 20 pounds and it took 22 pounds to get check. The first-place winners was Shane Sanders and Jim Englis of Donelsonville and Gordon, Ala., with 29.62 and big fish 10 pounds even.

Second place went to Brandon Ingram and Donna Dyson with 29.43. Third place was Steven McCord and Jason Waddell with 28.43 and our long time frend Jackie and Brad Hamric had 27.84. Many bass over 7 pounds were landed.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

February 28, 2010

Lake surface temp: 54Lake level: Down a littleClarity: ClearingFlint: ClearingChattahoochee: Clearing and fastSpring Creek: ClearingReport provided by: Jack Wingate