DaniMer ships its first railcar of biopolymer

Published 7:52 pm Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DaniMer successfully shipped its first railcar of biopolymer material from their Bainbridge facility on Feb. 28.

“Following our recent production expansion here in Bainbridge, our overall capabilities have grown and our customers are seeking the most economical mode of transport for our materials,” said Scott Tuten, senior vice president DaniMer. “We are extremely proud of our progress and our team here in Decatur County. Our focus remains on serving our customers with a quality product and timely delivery.”

DaniMer Scientific operates development laboratories and production facilities in Bainbridge with additional production capacity in Social Circle, Ga.

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Today, DaniMer Scientific and its sister company, Meredian Inc., are recognized as global leaders in biopolymer technology.

“Leading brand owners are seeking our cost effective innovative solutions for the their packaging and other material needs, and we are excited about the future for our business and the community that we live in,” Tuten said. “The real excitement is that we are enabling solutions for everyday challenges while providing materials that are not harmful to the environment.”

It is expected that DaniMer will continue to ship its products by various modes of transport including over-the-road trucks, ocean-going containers and rail.

DaniMer produces these biopolymers from byproducts of agricultural products such as cotton, corn, soybean and other crops.

Both companies produce biopolymers, which are smaller than BB-sized pellets that are petroleum-free plastics that are either biodegradable or compostable that are then used by other companies for them to manufacture coatings, wrappings and other products.

DaniMer’s produces engineered polymers that are renewable-based and biodegradable for use in a wide range of applications, including single-use food service articles such as beverage cups, food packaging materials such as films, coatings and laminates, as well as products used in agriculture and horticulture end-use applications.

Meredian also produces renewable-based and biodegradable engineered polymers, but its source of the polymers is from bacteria instead of agricultural byproducts.

Both DaniMer and Meredian are world leaders in the innovation and manufacturing of these polymers.

DaniMer’s materials are 100 percent renewable and compostable, said DaniMer President S. Blake Lindsey. Meredian’s materials are biodegradeable and compostable, which Lindsey said Meredian’s material and DaniMer’s material are synergistic.