Listen to the students

Published 8:53 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

The members of the senior class at Bainbridge High School need and deserve an answer to the graduation location discussion.

In October, the Decatur County Board of Education voted to move the graduation ceremony to the school gymnasium on a Saturday morning from the traditional location of Centennial Field on a Thursday night.

The vote was the result of a recommendation made by the school council at the high school. The school council has no students among its members and shouldn’t be confused with the school’s student council. The confusion of the two groups by the board partially led to the vote to move the event.

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In January, the board heard from a very articulate member of the 2010 graduating class. The vast majority of the students want the ceremony to remain at Centennial Field and the students were told that the board would consider their request.

Thursday night, there was discussion among the board to either let the vote stand or reverse their stance and move the event back to the football field.

The matter should have been settled then, but the discussion continues.

Now, a final decision will likely not be made until March 18, only 60 days before the ceremony.

To a senior in high school, their graduation is likely the most important event in their lives. The event in not about the staff, faculty or administrators at the school, it is about the students.

Give these young adults some input in this important event and move the event back to Centennial Field on a Thursday night.