GCA students explore science at Disney

Published 8:27 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

Grace Christian Academy fifth- and sixth-grade students recently spent three days at Walt Disney World exploring science.

They had an opportunity to visit all four parks and learn how science is a key element in all the Disney attractions.

At Epcot and Animal Kingdom, Dena Smith, GCA middle school science teacher, divided the students into groups and had them visit selected attractions based on social studies and science. A Disney employee had to initial each attraction.

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At Hollywood Studios, the students attended the stunt show “Lights, Motors, Action” where the students learned a lot about the concept of motion.

At Magic Kingdom the students participated in the “Energy and Waves” program, which is part of Disney’s Youth Education series. They saw demonstrations on waves, light and sound and even learned about the electromagnetic spectrum.

To help them better understand all the concepts, the students were asked to tour selected rides and participated in a “behind the scenes” tour.

In the Haunted Mansion, the kids learned about UV light, refraction and scrim and then they actually got on the floor of the ballroom to see how they make the ghost appear and disappear using a technique called Pepper’s ghost.

The trip was a successful adventure thanks to the students, the parents that chaperoned, Disney, and the touring company that put it all together.

Mrs. Smith stated, “It couldn’t have been any better.”