A gem of a man

Published 8:13 pm Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Joe Crine will be roasted on Thursday evening, and as a point of personal privilege, we appreciate the Pilot Club picking Joe as their subject.

You won’t find a nicer, more humble, genuine person.

Disheveled at times and befuddled by anything more technologically advanced than a typewriter with a worn-out ribbon, Joe has the biggest heart and the best work ethic of any person we know of.

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Working nights and weekends, Joe will make sure “the kids” get their due in the newspaper. And some of “those kids” are now parents or grandparents of kids that Joe is writing about now.

And if a stone can be polished by positive attitude, Joe’s attitude would create a sparkly diamond.

If being roasted by members of the community is a sign of love; Joe, we hope you have a big time Thursday.