Scoundrels are elsewhere

Published 2:49 pm Friday, February 12, 2010

Those of us who write newspaper columns on a regular basis sometimes find ourselves dangling on the precipice of disaster.

It’s not uncommon for us to write an opinion in one direction, and readers react in another.

When that happens, the writer thinks either the reader is a nut, or the writer, himself, needs to take lessons in being more clear communicating with the reader.

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Such was the case a few weeks ago writing about politicians taking the oath of office, left hand on the Bible, right hand encompassing the clouds while reciting the pledge.

Several irate readers took me to task, saying I had equated our new mayor with those who did not take the pledge seriously.

If you misread the opinion column in that manner, that was not my intent. Our new mayor takes his oath seriously, and he takes the office of mayor seriously.

You can probably say that for all our public officials in Bainbridge and Decatur County. Those I know personally are in it for one reason only, to serve the people, honestly and efficiently.

I have known our mayor, Edward Reynolds, for the nearly 20 years we have been in Bainbridge, and I can attest that his integrity is beyond question. If you thought my example of elected officials who failed to take their pledge seriously, and it applied to our new mayor, then you misread the intent of the example or I communicated it poorly.

None of it was directed at the mayor.

But let’s face it. There are elected officials who have their own personal agenda entering public office, and the oath of office is simply a formality, a pledge they have no intention of following.

Fortunately for us, those scoundrels reside elsewhere.

Thanks Ralph

Our School Superintendent Ralph Jones has announced his retirement, and the school board has announced its efforts to recruit his replacement.

First, thanks Ralph for your eight years of dedicated service and hard work. Overseeing construction of a $54 million new high school, plus administering regular duties of a superintendent, is no small task. We all should be grateful that a man of his ability was here to captain the ship.

I can think of several local educators who are qualified to step into this position, and I hope they will apply, and I hope the school board will give them first consideration before hiring an outsider. Hiring an outsider indicates our people here are not good enough, and I don’t buy that thinking.

Thanks Palmer

It seems like last night that Palmer Rich first rang my doorbell to ask for my vote in his campaign for county commissioner.

Palmer has served us well for nearly three terms. I wish him an exciting retirement, with many years to do the things he has always wanted to do.