Wives out-fishing the hubbies

Published 7:51 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah Johnson of the Talquin Hookers took an 8.10 while her hubby, Dallas, only took a 5.0.

The next boat in that day Mrs. Chalet took a couple of dinks. These catches are not good for hamonius matrimony in the home.

The Talquin Hookers fished Saturday with the following results: First place went to Barbray Wachtor 12.75, second to Lonnie Walsh 7.04, third went to Pam Marlow 5.75. Mrs Wachtor had big fish, 6.58.

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The Bainbridge Bass Club fished Talquin, and first place Vic Pickles 10.08, second to Stan McCollom 5.35, third John Ross 4.12. McCollom had big fish 5.35, 30 mph winds on both clubs.

The Hydrillia Knats fished out Sunday with the following results: First place Mike Prindle with a whooping 26.85 and big fish 6.3, second Mike Sloan with 17.38, third Paul Tyre 11.43. The Knats will resume their Thursday nite tournments March 25th.

Nic Jeter fished the Fla. Sides 4ft. ditch with shallow diving crank baits (8ft) to find plenty of 1 ? to 2 lbs crappie in them.

While on the Georgia side near Fort Scott Island a catch of 22 was made on minnows and another one of 17 was made also.  There was come caught by folks in the campgroud, we don’t know the count.

We attended the Boyds Marine Annual Boat Show and fish fry this weekend, what a crowd, 900 catfish fillets were consumed all but 3. Lots of pros were there, Paul Elias, Ira Forehand, Aaron Martens, Mr. Potts of Ozark, Mike Curry of Nitro and Bass Shops, Eddie Kendrix of Hummingbird, Earl Bentz of Triton, Vee Fergason of Ranger and Mrs. Pam Martin-Wells, who will fish the Classic with the men.

Hark,  hear the Paylin lark, singing  in the meadow?

Wingate’s Fishing Report

February 7 , 2010

Lake surface temp: 55Lake level: Down a miteFlint: MuddyChattahoochee  MuddySpring Creek: MuddyReport provided by:  Jack Wingate