Biomass plant a hazard

Published 8:33 pm Friday, February 5, 2010

I am a resident of Gadsden County, Florida, your neighbor to the south.

Bainbridge is closer to my farm in Gadsden County than Tallahassee.

I visit Bainbridge for pleasure: Shopping on the square, the bakery, tennis matches at your beautiful complex, the art exhibits at the Firehouse, picnics with visiting relatives on Lake Seminole and touring the magnificent homes in the historical areas.

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I am also a member of Concerned Citizens for Gadsden County, a group of home owners in opposition to the proposed Adage biomass plant scheduled to be built in Gretna. Since there are no walls around Gretna and the winds blow in your direction, you should be aware of this notorious polluter only a few miles from the Georgia border. This is our biomess to fight but yours to inherit.

The unseen pollution will affect your health, your children’s and the elderly. All of this is documented by extensive research done by local doctors and credentialed citizens. Other pollution will affect your crops, animals, homes, waterways and property values.

Information attesting to this is available for everyone.

Our city and county commissioners did not bother to research any of the negative effects on us or our neighbors. They were snowed by promises of money and gifts and a few jobs. Could you honestly take a job where you knew that children were suffering respiratory diseases from the emissions from your plant?

How could you go to work knowing your neighbors were facing greater threats of cancer and heart disease?

In fact, the health of any one working the few jobs would be compromised as well.

If you want any more information from your neighbors to south please visit: and you can ask questions by e-mail:

Anne DraperChattahoochee, Fla.