Not a dry eye at BBQ

Published 2:54 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Fellowship Baptist Church’s 4th Annual Sportsman’s Banquet Jan. 29th on Spring Creek Road was a great success 700 tickets sold a month in advance, about three hogs was BBQ’d.

There was a cotton basket, full of quail birds, Lord knows how many gator tails, two rows of green beans and two banks of potatoes. Hank Parker gave a testamony. The only dry eyes in the 700 were the old folks (silver hair) that couldn’t hear him.

Then the names for the prizes were drawed out, the first one was a trip to Ohio to hunt deer, Jake Jeter name was called, 14 years old, smallest in his class and has killed 10 deer already.

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This past week was full of surprises, many 4- and 5-pound talopia. Dead on Seminole and not just one place.

Then one landowner found a deer in the ditch of the road with his head cut off and the rest of the carcus’s still laying there, thats not right.

We have another person reported three deer carcus’s laying in another ditch of a road, that person sed “that whoever did that was no better than the buzzards that come down to eat them.”

Keith Poche of Troy, Ala., and our own Pam Martin-Wells will be able to fish The Bassmater Classic in Birmingham in February. We note further that Alabama is tied with Texas with 10 classic qualifiers each, Oklahoma has nine and Florida has six.

Fisherman for the Hungry fished out of Wingates this past Saturday with great results. Nine boats had over 20 pounds of bass. The team of W.C. Johnson and Tommie Tullos led the field with a total weight of 26.56 pounds and they had the big fish, a 7.42-pounder. Second place went to Steven and Johnson with a total weight of 23.14 pounds, then Mock and Wills had 22.56 pounds, Mr. Mock sed they landed 43 nice bass. The weather was real bad and it turned real cold at the scales.

The C&R Trail fished Sunday with the following results, Henderson and Brinson was first with 21.25 pounds, Brushore and Winhold took second with 18.15 and big fish 5.8, Mock and Roy was third with 13.65. The C&R owners fished also and weighted in 24.385 and 6.80 big fish it did not count in the tourney.

We had a catch of 23 crappie Sunday and there was a dish-pan of filet crappie fried this week and one boat 6 dozen minnows three days in a row.

Great things will happen to Bainbridge and Decatur County in the very near future. Watch and see.

I am riten this 4 p.m. Sunday and today at sunset Duck Season will go out until next year.

This past Sunday morning has the most guns going off of anything this year. It was a solid roar for near four hours, Jake Jeter was in the last duck boat to leave the dock at 3 p.m., He’ll gittem.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

January 31, 2010

Lake surface temp: 56Lake level: Near fullFlint: MuddyChattahoochee: MuddySpring Creek: MuddyReport provided by: Jack Wingate