Bass busting with shad

Published 2:43 pm Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Now that Mr. Clinton has unloaded the cases of water at the airport and gone home, I think it would be a great time for Presidenr Jimmie Carter to hire a small ship, ask for volinteers to help load the ship with lumber enough to build several “Habutants For Humanity.” That’s the kind of help those folks need down there.

Lets hope that this coming Saturday will be warm, sunshine and no wind because The Fisherman for the Hungry will have a tournement out of Wingates. For every dollar he takes in, somehow turns into 6 or 8 dollar.

The bass has been on a solid roll this week. There has been some very fine catches of bass taken, the best single catch to my knowledge is the one Reggie Cunningham made on Wednesday, two bass at 21.50 pounds another boat reported a 7 and 8. Now on the week-end the Valdosta Bass Club fished 17 boats. No. 1 place was George Robertson, 18.6 pounds. He had big fish also a 6.14, he’s from Naylor, Ga. Second place was Ed Deane 16.5 pounds of Valdosta, Ga., third place Earl Robertson with 15.0 pounds. Also of Naylor, Ga.

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The Moultrie Hawghunters was won by Phil Mayo, their big fish was a 5-pound bass. Steve Brown was in second, Vern McPhereson was third.

The Rose City Bass Fish a good crowd, Bill Wisner won it with 15.15 pounds, big fish was 5.5 pounds.

The Hydrilla Knats was taken by Gissmo Roton 22.00 pounds. Mike Sloan took second with 20.38 pounds and big fish a 6.52-pounder.

Tri-State of Tallahassee etc., David Mock has most fish 16.10 while Brian Deall has big fish a 6.4. All the bass we saw this weekend was busting with shad and fat as butter balls.

Here’s a few neat stories of the wildlife you mite like to hear. A pie-bald doe deer was sited on Faceville Landing road. A trap was hung on a stump and the owner was trying to shake it off, a 4-pounder come in an took it off the stump.

Most of the black cats we are seeing here are not Florida Panthers, they are called, “Jagway Rundle” from Mexico and the woods are now full of Red Foxes. Two came up on a back porch and ate the dogs food. One group of fishermen took 75 pounds of suckers. They are real good.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

January 24, 2010

Lake surface temp: 52Lake level: Down someFlint: MuddyChattahoochee: High and muddySpring Creek: MuddyReport provided by: Jack Wingate