Branching out

Published 8:08 pm Friday, January 22, 2010

Thanks to a $157,000 federal grant, the City of Bainbridge will target a specific, high-crime area of the city with the creation of a new four-man team.

The team will work out of building being leased for $16,800 a year that is less than a mile away from Bainbridge’s main public housing projects are located, and it will work at the street level to combat drugs, burglaries and other local crimes.

The city’s objective is clear, and we hope it’s very successful.

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However, leasing a building and placing four specially trained officers to work this area is going to take moreā€”it’s going to take the residents of those areas to cooperate and get fed up with the riff-raff in the area.

Having more of a police presence in the area is a great step forward.

But it’s up to the residents to take their next step forward and work with the police.