Stories to be told

Published 7:01 pm Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, I had a great meeting with a sleeping giant of a company in Bainbridge that many know exists, but few, I expect, know exactly what the company is all about.

I spent the morning with Daniel Carraway, founder and CEO of DaniMer Scientific and Meredian, two related but separate companies located in the Decatur County Industrial Park.

Daniel was kind enough to give up time in his busy schedule to give me a tour of the DaniMer facility and provide an overview the company operations.

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The story of these two companies’ creation, growth and future, along with Daniel’s background and vision, will be included in a special publication produced by The Post-Searchlight called Profile.

This magazine-styled special edition will publish in late February and will include numerous profiles of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. These are our friends, neighbors and associates who have stories that need to be told.

This special edition will be full of those stories and accompanying photographs. In addition to Daniel’s story, you will be able to read about people such as:

 Melanie Hutchins: A cake baker extraordinaire who sells her cakes to raise money to hire a nurse to sit with her ill husband in order to attend church.

 Billy Simmons: “Mr. Bearcat,” can be found on the sidelines of Bainbridge High School football games in the fall and working at Goodwill other times. Billy lives with cerebral palsy, a disease that, while affecting him physically, doesn’t affect his spirit and outlook on life.

 Basil Lucas: A retired state worker who has grown to love the arts. Lucas has become a vital behind-the-scenes worker for the Bainbridge-Decatur County Arts Council and has even written a play for the Bainbridge Little Theatre.

Tom and Gloria Reeves: A husband-and-wife team who have succeeded in working together and making their small retail gift shop, Reeves Linens and Gifts, a cornerstone of downtown Bainbridge.

Lee Thomas: Coach of the AAU Bainbridge Dynasty basketball team and mentor to many of the players. Thomas has become a father figure and positive impact on young men through his volunteer work.

 Ramsey Simmons, Alan Wilson and Stephen Webb: Three professionals in the community who donate their time—almost 40 hours in a week sometimes—to the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department. It’s their way of giving back to the community. Sheriff Wiley Griffin says its a huge contribution.

 Paul Dixon: A local boat maker who has built boats for Arctic expeditions.

These are just a few of the great stories that we will have the opportunity to share in the first edition of Profile. The staff of The Post-Searchlight has already worked hard to mak