New for the new year

Published 7:48 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We have watched the end of another year and witnessed the beginning of a new one.

I hope it is as good as 2009 in the fact that this past year gave us some water without having to resort to a hurricane.

This past decade, the ’90s, was not a pleasant one with the hurricanes and tropical storms. Those of us that didn’t know that a tropical storm could be as headly as a hurricane knew by the end of the ’90s.

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Now we can start moving into the real heart of the 21st century. This year still has two 0’s in it, but they don’t touch this time and it will be another 10 years before we have two 0’s in the year.

2010 will start the move toward thing of the future, and 2011 will just keep it moving right along. Moving right along would suit me as it has been cold lately and the colder it stays the farther off the spring fishing is. Spring fishing is really the bedding time of the species of fish that we have locally. The fish usually bite good during the bedding season and continue to bite as they feed heavily after bedding to gain back the weight loss incurred during the bedding period.

Someone that doesn’t fish during the spring simply doesn’t want to fish or may be like a few folks I know, they have already caught more than their share of fish and are afraid that God may start holding it against them if they catch many more.

Of course if a person is using the fish he catches as a supplement to his diet, it won’t hurt in anyone’s eyes.

As you begin your new year here in Southwest Georgia, I am going to a show that will be showing many of the new products for 2010. As you know, I have seen some of the new stuff, but they will be a few late introductions, and if they are ready we will see them at this time.

Several years ago, the fishing companies would introduce their new stuff in the late summer or early fall just like the car folks. Now they have less to introduce, so they drag around until the beginning of the new year to bring it out. They then have to sell twice as much in a shorter period of time than they did when they brought it to the market several months earlier. If they can do it, more power to them. That may be why fishing and fishermen have slowed down.

We leave 2009 and move into 2010 with all the lakes and streams about as full as they can be without running over and being dangerous.

Back last fall it got kinda dangerous when the water got into flood conditions. I have a feeling that we are not done with the excess water and it might come on back during this month and next. Also some springs are wetter than others and this one seems to have a head start in that direction, so watch out.

This may be one of those years when we have to pick and choose the times we fish and living right in the backyard of the lake, we can do that. It is the visitors to Lake Seminole that plan for months the time that they will be here that might get involved in a rainy, messy stay. We certainly hope not and hope it works out for them and us.

The main hunting seasons are coming to a close this month, deer, dove and duck. The small game seasons are here for a while, most until the end of next month.

Get the hunting out of your system as we don’t want to visit you looking out instead of in. As the water gets right fishing will be a little tough for a few days, but anything you eat from the really cold water in bound to taste better than the same fish would have back during the summer.

Netting season is over at the end of January so catch a few extra and put them in the freezer. Most folks prefer fresh suckers to one that has been frozen, but those same folks prefer a frozen and thawed sucker to not one at all. Take care of yourself and have a happy New Year in 2010.