Better than sliced bread

Published 7:47 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dad-gum-it! Bobby Bowden is the best thing to happen to Tallahassee since Mr. Flowers of Thomasville introduced sliced bread to this country umpteen years ago, and I have never seen him.

For that matter, I ain’t ever seen but one Bainbridge Football game and I got to see two Georgia-Florida games in my entire life. Faceville or Hack (Attapulgus), where I got my 11 grades eddycation didn’t have football stadiums.

The Flint River has slowed down and got to clearing a little bit. You can see a Rattle Trap about 1 foot down. Paul Tyre of Tallahassee has made two trips on the lake taking good bass both days. He had a total of 30+ pounds one trip and a limit of 10 bass the second. He has proved himself to be a very good bass fisherman.

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Bill Allen turned us in some very good pictures of a big Striper he took a couple of weeks ago.

Mr. Ray Davis took a limit of crappie on minnows along a grass bed. These crappie in coves and sloughs off the main lake so lots of them are clear.

The duck hunters had a bad day Saterday. Some stayed all day and never even fired a gun. We noted this week that thousands of rice birds were in our area and robins passed over two days in a row.

We expect a lot more ducks will be in our area this week ahead of the hard freezes up north.

There is some white pelicans on the lake. That is a strange site now days. They have been here a few times before, but not often.

It is now a known fact that the lowly thought of “Coot” is the only water bird that can tell the difference in it’s own babies and one that is  of an intruder in her nest and will remove it violently, in fact, kill it or drown it.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

January 3, 2010

Lake surface temp: 53Lake level: 1 foot down

Flint: MuddyChattahoochee: Muddy and fastSpring Creek: ClearReport provided by: Jack Wingate