Great day our family had

Published 2:39 pm Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a great Christmas day our family had, but he candel lite survice at Church Thursday evening was a site to behold 75 folks were in church and it raining hard, this past Sunday had over 100 people in the church (Faceville Baptist).

Christmas day after breakfast of brains and eggs, thick bacon, sausage, choclet gravey, hot bisquits, we had 5 old John Wayne movies one atter another. Then at six, steaks, baked potatoes, salad (green), ambursha, potatoe salad, brownies with nuts and choclete iciing on them, stuffed big as a toad, I was, sweet potatoe pie too.

Fishen has been very slow due to flood waters and still more to come, but we have other news that mite be of interest.  The 8 million dollar dam project on Lake Talquin has been stopped dead still, by a bald eagle nest near it. We will wait and see how that turns out.

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Back in 1906, my Great Uncle Columbus Burton Baits was a fireman on the train from Albany to Dothan on a foggy nite and mistook red lite for green, the bridge at Fort Gaines was open for a sturn-wheeler to pass, the boat had just cleared the bridge when the engine plunged into the river, the boat captain heard and saw the comotion, went up a little ways turned & held his Delco lite system on the water to see if anyone came up, the engeneer did come up but was my Uncle came up down stream next day, but an engeneer who was piggy backing in the engine came up in Appalaccicolee in the spring as the water warmed up.

We say this to let folks know mabe what to expect of the gentleman who went through Jim Woodruff Dam.

Our duck hunting and deer hunting far surpasses the fishen this week, at some times there seems to be more hunters than ducks. I know that there is far more deer and turkeys than there is hunters.

Chris Neely killed a big 10 point, Eddie Ditto took a big doe, Nic Jeter has had very good luck in the deer hunting, Keven Scarborough took a nice big one, as did Don May, but the crown deer this week was by Dale Murray of Murray Tomatoe Farms with a 12-point buck that he took after three years hunting the same deer in the same stand.

The only bass taken to amount to much was Travis McQuire and Richard Predmore with one at 4 and one 6-1/2.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

December 27 , 2009

Lake surface temp: 52Lake level: Near foot downLake clarity: MuddyFlint: Rollen mudChattahoochee: Muddy and fastSpring Creek: Cloudy upperReport provided by: Jack Wingate