Climax post master gets a Christmas miracle

Published 9:25 am Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 2009 will always hold an extra special memory for Climax Post Master Linda Harris—it is the Christmas she got two granddaughters in less than a month, one being a Christmas miracle.

This might not be unusual in itself, but Linda has six grandsons, and no granddaughters.

Both new granddaughters have the same mother.

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She and her husband, Doug have four children, three girls and one son. The middle daughter Cindy Kinsey, and her husband, Jay, of Tallahassee, Fla., was the only one who had no children, but both desperately wanted children.

However, Linda said Cindy had some complications as a young teenager, causing her to have major surgery at the age of 16, and the family was under the impression from information provided by the doctors that it would be unlikely that Cindy could ever have any children.

After 12 years of marriage, Cindy and Jay decided to adopt a child.

But, another disappoint Linda said, as one attempt failed. But she said Cindy had such a great support system, and she recovered trying again to adopt, even thought it was a very stressful time, according to Linda.

“Cindy and Jay fell in love with a 17-year-old girl named Arianne, even though they knew it would be hard for the family to adjust to,” Linda said.

But she said that Cindy told her,” Mom, you did not give up on us just because we turned 18, you have us for life.”

After that statement, Linda said Cindy had her support, and the family embraced the fact that Linda would finally have a granddaughter to go with the six grandsons. All was fine with the world, Linda said.

The adoption ceremony was performed on Linda’s birthday in November so that she and Arianne could celebrate together, which meant so much, she said.

Arianne gave a special speech about how proud she was to have a mom and dad now, and the whole family celebrated together, Linda said.

Then on Monday night, two weeks later, Jay called Linda and Doug around 11 p.m.. saying, “Mom, Cindy is in the hospital in Tallahassee.”

Linda said she asked what was wrong.

He replied, “Cindy is having a baby, and she wants you!”

Linda said he repeated this statement twice, and she told him it couldn’t be something else was wrong!

She said she first thought the hospital did not know her daughter, so she had better get to Tallahassee.

Waking Doug, Linda said off they went, thinking no way is Cindy having a baby, she knew her daughter better than anyone. Two weeks earlier they had just had a birthday party for her and Arianne, and then went clothes shopping for Cindy because she was losing weight.

Finally, after finding the right place because Linda didn’t believe Cindy was in the labor and delivery ward, she said she saw the pain her child was in, and saw her new granddaughter Arianne so bewildered in the corner, and then she heard it, a little tiny heart beat on the monitor!

She said, “I finally realized, my daughter was having a baby, and I had to help her get this done! Cindy was a trooper, but in the end had to have a c-section.”

According to Linda, her daughter had none of the normal warning signs of pregnancy until she went into full labor.

A healthy Little Riley Kinsey was born Tuesday Dec. 1.

In a two-week time period, Cindy had become a mother twice, and Linda and Doug had another granddaughter.

Calling Cindy’s three siblings was quite a time, because Linda said they all thought it was a hoax!

Then everyone went into shock. Then all of the family showed up at the hospital from far and near. Some of the hospital staff was even in shock. But, Linda said the nurses assured them that this happens more often than anyone thinks.

The Climax post master said, “God is so good. Doug and I have a Christmas Miracle, that’s all we need. We have our gift!”