Congratulations and thanks

Published 2:52 pm Friday, December 18, 2009

Congratulations and appreciation is due to The Post-Searchlight for sponsoring the band concert Dec. 15 at the Kirbo Center. Then a special word of appreciation to the band and their director, for the excellent performance they gave.

It was amazing, with only five practices, that a group of that size, with the great contrast in ages, as it was so clearly pointed out to us, could come up with the unity, the harmony and the expertise that was shown.

Bainbridge should be proud of this moment.

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I hope it is not the last time and that next time more of our citizens will come. If you did not come, you missed a great performance.

I am not one to write public letters, but in that my wife and I and all of those present received such a wonderful evening of great music, I felt I had to speak up!

Thanks again for a wonderful evening.

Ken CloudDirector of Missions for Bowen Baptist Association