A spit of snow, sleet

Published 2:54 pm Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Having spit snow east of Bainbridge and sleet here at the landing on Friday the weather got rite tickler wuz a the day and nite went on, Saterday 4 am rain and bout 40 degrees, well that aint so bad iffen you inside and dry, but eh Po-Boys Bass Club of Tallahassee and many duck and deer hunters were on the lake at daylite.

The duck hunters were a little disappointed. But them Po-Boys Bass club wieghed in at 4 p.m. The results were as follows: Jason Meridith took top billing, John Wiley hung in for second, Dusty Stacy eating dust in the third place, however he took big bass over 4 pounds.

Eddie Ditto, got took by an enormous hybred, they were all returned to the lake except the hybred (sunshine bass), he got cleaned and et Saturday nite.

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Friday evening W.C. Johnson took an 8-pounder and a 6-pounder tuapin. He is a good fisherman in most any pond. He and his fishen buddy took to the fogged down lake Sunday morning and very slowly got to where hey wanted to fish and took a rite general solution of hybreds stripers and black bass, up to 25 pounds each.

We had heard a rumer that they Hydrilla’s knats were going to have a tournment on the Chattahoochee River at Koheelee Creek, but checking last minute conditions they changed it to Lake Seminole. The results was Andy Kondorokis and Joey Cleary was first place with 22.40 and a 7.64 big fish. Mike Sloan and Brian Johns took second with 13.6 and Chris Neely and Jason drug up third with 12.83. They were in the fog most of the day. It would lift awhile and lay down but at 2 p.m. most were trying to make it in. They all did with no problum.

Saterday was a bumer or duck hunters, very few took there limits however there was slow shooting going on all day. On Sunday the same thing at daylite, just a shot here and there, fog so thick you could slice it but when it lifted at 8 a.m. a war broke out and last 2 hours.

The deer walked good for Chad Nabb East Point, Fla., with a nine-point buck. Brent Johnson seven-point buck and a doe of Valdosta, Scotty Shebel with and 11-point buck and Nick with an eight-point buck and Mr. Bush with six-point buck, the meat freezers are fillen up.

The Bainbridge Bass Club invited me to eat supper Saturday nite at the Recovery Comunity Center. Jones Bros. Pork chops, seafood gumbo over rice that was ecilent and lemon pound cake, whoooooeeeee.

Crappie is on the move to shallow water and some goodens is beeing took and I intend to parkake of some Monday nite along with some sucker sides, thanks to dear friends of mine.

I am for sure that Alabama at Tuscaloosa has a young Bear Bryant, now that the school has its first ever Hiesman Trophy winner, Roll Tide Roll.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

December 13, 2009

Lake surface temp: 52Lake level: Down footLake clarity: Muddy Flint: MuddyChattahoochee: Muddy & fast Spring Creek: DingyReport provided by: Jack Wingate