Trip up longer than trip down

Published 2:38 pm Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A houseboat left Wingate’s and it took 3 1/2 days to make it to Fort Gaines camping out at nite and on the return trip it only took a little over one day.

The Hootch is running 11 miles per hour. Both rivers are up and muddy. Some fish are still being caught, Mrs. Judy Johnson of Recovery took a 6-pound bass on plastic.

Bill Allen (Bread Man) took a Dukes mixture Sunday morning on traps; black bass, big whites, stripers and hybreds.

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A group of seven boats fished Sunday til noon with a little luck, it was 31 degrees when they launched but some had some fish. All were very cold.

Crappie seem to be coming into shallow water, a lot came in the boat bason last calm day. There was another big blu cat taken up the Hootch, the big channels and blues will pick up a muddy taste to them. If you will marinate them in cheap hot sauce before you cook them, you’ll see the diffance.

That group of folks who deer hunt and duck hunt will be happy. There’s lots of ducks on the lake and should be good shooting next Saterday morning.

One 11-point buck and four smaller ones were taken this week by local folks. They moved off the ridges into the valleys a few days ago, which is a sure sign of cold weather.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

December 6, 2009

Lake surface temp: 55Lake level: FullFlint: MuddyChattahoochee: Muddy and fastSpring Creek: CloudyReport provided by: Jack Wingate