BHS Debate Team win finalist trophies

Published 2:34 pm Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bainbridge High School Debate Team members Amber Johnson and Austin Spooner won the finalist trophy and Hannah Williams and Allison Whitaker won the semi-finalist trophy in a tournament held this past weekend at the Houston County High School in Warner-Robins.

Six members, or three teams, of the Bainbridge High School Debate Team were among 14 teams competing in four rounds of debate in the junior varsity bracket debating the national resolve: “The United States Government should substantially increase its funding of social services for those persons living in poverty in the United States.”

Each team of two debated two rounds on the affirmative side and two rounds on the negative side.

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Each individual round takes more than one hour.

Debate allows students to look at both sides of an issue and argue that issue using evidence to support their arguments.  Schools participating included Lee, Tifton, Lincoln, Warner Robins, Northside and Washington.

Speaker medals were awarded to the top five speakers.

Fifth-place speaker medal went to Allison Whitaker, fourth-place to Quiana Childs, and second-place to Hannah Williams.

All BHS teams placed in the top five.

The teams who participated were Amber J. Johnson and Austin Spooner; Hannah Williams and Allison Whitaker, and Quiana Childs and Briona Gonzalez.

BHS Debate Team coach Jeanine Halada said, “These students did a great job at their first tournament and are great ambassadors for Bainbridge High School.”