Praise for KDCB

Published 9:02 pm Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The citizens of Decatur County should be extremely proud of the progress made in the area of recycling over the past few years.

The leader and facilitator of this effort has been the non-profit organization, Keep Decatur County Beautiful, under the umbrella of Keep America Beautiful. The resources for this necessary endeavor toward recycling come in small part from local volunteers and KAB support, but primarily from the monies and equipment procured through creatively composed grants.

The current and past directors of KDCB have the responsibility of writing these all important grants. This organization is to be commended for the creative ideas they are implementing. The result has been unprecedented growth in the recycling commitment of this county.

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The recycling industry is changing rapidly and the equipment is changing with that growth. Our elected county commissioners are charged with the responsibility of representing the entire population.

If our county has access to only a limited number of recycling trailers, I back them 100 percent in placing these trailers where they accumulate the most material. When one or more of the trailers does not meet poundage expectations, the trailer should be moved to where it can be better utilized, regardless of the community’s bruised feelings. After all, isn’t the goal to Keep America Beautiful?

I commend the commissioners and the KDCB director for doing what is right for all of us.

Dr. L.J. HarrellBainbridge, Ga.