Results from the C&R

Published 1:54 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The last C & R tournament of the year took place Saterday out of Wingates, the results was something like this: First place went to Reyolds and Barefoot with a whopping 25.20, second place was Kirkland and Reyolds 18.85 pounds of bass, third place was Baty and Brown with 18.40.

Reyolds and Barefoot had big fish 6.65 big ole bronzeback.

The benefit tournement for softball girls on Lake Talquin was taken with 14 pounds didn’t get the fellows name, Kim Brown was second with 13.5 pounds.

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The Hydrilla Knats are up on West Point Lake, some catchen some not, Andy Koundourakis, took 12th overall and is on the state team. Paul Tyre and Chris Neely both made alternates for the state team.

The Hybred stired up the water this week and was eatin crank baits and spoons. One boat reported 30 good stout fish taken and released. They was up several times and was moving slow enough threw the trees that you could get to them.

Russ Rodgers has been taken some real big bream on his fly rod, and I got him to take a picture of one on a six-inch board of his dock. Those are nice bream.

Our opening day of duck season was in some areas, more shooters than ducks; however, up the Hootch it was a different tail, 45 minutes after the season it was a solid roar of guns. There was a rite smart of shooting on the sand ridge between the creek and the Flint. Lota shooten don’t know how much hitten was goin on.

Rusty Hatton reports that quite a few deer was taken this week and some eight-points were taken. He also wants everyone to know that he realy appreciates the prayers that was sed in his favor when he was hurt so badly.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

November 22 , 2009

Lake surface temp: 56Lake level: Near fullClarity: Some clear, some muddyFlint: Blood redChattahoochee: Muddy and fastSpring Creek: Slite dingyReport provided by: Jack Wingate