Two great things happened

Published 6:31 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two  great things happened this week since I took pen in hand to rit this scriblin.

First Chuck Crews was the speaker at the Kirbo Center Wednessday, 27 years ago Daved Green hired him as a DNR (game warden) neusense gator control. He and one other warden was moving a gator when the gater, suddenly took a 3-pound taste of this thigh, DNR gave him 18 months leave with pay, fine speech he made, too.

Second, “Shorty Harrison,” direct decendant of Seminole War Chief Oseola, came to see me Friday evening. He was in the Koreon War and like me, eat up with skin cancers, he is quite a great person and a great American.

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The Nov. 11th dinner at the Kirbo Center was a great success.  The oldest veteran was rite at 100 years old and there was two POW’s, Jim Stone of the Stone Stores, captured as his B-17 went down in Puluksi oil fields and an Army nurse, who’s unit was overran by German forces, soon as they found out she was a nurse she was treated well and continued to nurse the German wounded. There was a very long list of dead veterans since last year, including my long time friend Chuck Clay.

Steve Stewart and Johnnie Creel took first place in the Fishers of Men South East Regional Championship with 45.43 pounds of bass. Second place went to Brent Riley and Nathan Burgess with 38.10, third place went to Wayne Lindsey Jr. and William McDevitt wth 31.18. I must say that this tournament was a well run tournament, it was just like clock work. 

Steve Holt and Hubert Stafford, long time friends, took sixth place with a big sak of fish the second day, with only 9 pounds first day, 20 pounds the second day. I was bout to ask for Mr. Holts fishen licence when he showed up with 20 pounds of bass. He sed he weren’t sure how many more sunrizes he’s gonna enjoy.

Young Blaine Millirons fishing with his father caught enough fish so as to go one step higher in the young fishermans standing, I believe that will be on Guntersville in April.

The coots are building up and the ducks are too, let’s hope for a great season this year. This past Saterday at the entrance to International Paper Company a covey of quail flew up beside the road, about 20 in all, twas a great site.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

November 15, 2009

Lake surface temp: 57Lake level: Near fullFlint: MuddyChattahoochee: Fast and muddySpring Creek: Slite colorReport provided by:  Jack Wingate