Grace’s Finer Things performed

Published 2:17 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The middle and high school students at Grace Christian Academy delivered a delightful Finer Things performance on Oct. 23.

Finer Things is GCA’s fine arts performance each semester where students share what they have been studying in subjects as diverse as chorus, praise band, film, drama and orchestral strings. The program involves student-performed live music, student-written, student-performed dramas, and a student-produced audio-visual presentation with more than 30 audio channels, 11 short film pieces and theatrical lighting.

This semester’s Finer Things explored the book of 1 Timothy and highlighted themes throughout the book.

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Songs spanned a wide variety of genres and included several duets, choral numbers and two songs from the second-year strings students.

Drama and film pieces ranged from reader’s theater, to a short play set in the World War II time period, to a convicting film about the addictions that plague us. Other films highlighted salvation by faith alone and pursuing God in spite of the obstacles and temptations that stand in the way.

The students did a fantastic job once again. Their creativity and artistic abilities made for an enjoyable evening that left one challenged to pursue God.